Oingo Boingo Links

Okay, so there really isn't that much out there for Boingoloids anymore.  All of this stuff can be found with just about any search engine- you don't really need my help.  I'm just suggesting a few sites that might be of some worth.   I've gone on a short search lately to find some more links to bring to you- more educational stuff.   I am not responsible for the content of any other page.  If you go to BYU like I do and you get referred to the honor code or whatever for looking at these pages, don't come crying to me. Thanks :)

Here are some links to other sites that I like.  They might or might not be related to Oingo Boingo or whatever, but most of them are pretty darn cool.  For Danny Elfman links, visit my Danny Elfman page.

Watch Boingo Videos!!
It runs kind of slow, you need a fast connection to really get the most out of this site.

It would be nice if this page still worked- I'm leaving it up in case it comes back to life cos it's a cool site.
Joey's Page- has nothing to do with Boingo, but I like him.
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