Oingo Boingo/ Danny Elfman Quotables (according to me) 

 (This is just a small list of lyrics, most of which I've used before in relation to something in my life.  They are  sorted by album.  To view an entire track listing for an album, click on the album links on the page.  Not all albums are represented here.)
 From the 1981 album "Only A Lad" 
   - "I"m just an alien through and through, trying to make believe I'm you..." On the Outside 
   - "What you see is what you get, what the hell did you expect?" What you See  
 From the 1983 album "Nothing to Fear" 
   - "In my humble room at night, I often wonder what goes on out there, what makes them all so    scared? I often stare at the people passing by, but they can't see me through my windowshade, just  like I"m not even there." Private Life 
   - "There's nothing to fear but fear itself." Nothing to Fear 
   - "We've gotten so smart, we know how to blow the whole world apart." Why'd We Come 
 From the 1984 album "Good For Your Soul" 
   - "Have you ever felt that somehow you were not yourself?" Good For Your Soul 
   - "Your lips were so soft that I thought they would melt." Pictures of You   
 From the 1985 album "Dead Man's Party" 
   - "Just when I think that things are in their place, the heavens are secure, the whole things explodes in my face!" Just Another Day 
   - "No one lives forever." No One Lives Forever 
   - "My life's an open letter- tear it up, throw it away." Fool's Paradise 
 From the 1987 album "Boi-ngo" 
   - "If we don't try too hard, we might start falling in love." We Close Our Eyes 
   - "I would like to believe in something higher, but I can't get a grip on all the little things." My Life 
   - "Welcome to my little world, completely self-contained." Pain 

 From the 1988 double album "Boingo Alive" 
   - "The seven dwarves? Ha! There's only four alive today." Cinderella Undercover 
   - "I used to eat little girls like you for breakfast." Gratitude 
   - "Deliver me from this little hell." Mama 

 From the 1990 album "Dark at the End of the Tunnel" 
   - "No one can be trusted" When the Lights Go Out 
   - "Maybe you just want a chance to let them know that you live and breathe and suffer..." Out of Control 
   - "We're all the same underneath our shell." Flesh 'N Blood 
   - "We're all the same when we return to dust." Flesh 'N Blood 
   - "Tomorrow may change, or it may never come." Dream Somehow 
   - "Hold the clock, say the words to make it stop." Is This 
   - "If I found the words would I know what to say?" Try to Believe 

 From the 1994 album "Boingo" 
   - "I'm so jealous I can barely see straight." Hey! 
   - "I think it's time we all take up a stand, though at this moment I can't think of what we'd say." Hey! 
   - "I was there for you, but you turned away." Can't See (Useless) 
   - "Hope you're happy, found what you're looking for- do you miss me, miss me at all?" Spider 
   - "Nothing ever seems to change." Change 
   - "I'm helplessly trapped in a body I'm sure should've never been mine- I bet that my real one is doing just fine." Helpless 
   - "Does love really last through the night?" Helpless 

 From various related sources 
   - "It's so hard when you're on your own." "Forbidden Zone" 
   - "Although I'd like to join the crowd in their enthusiastic cloud, try as I may it doesn't last" - Sally's Song, "The Nightmare Before Christmas" 

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