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Letter To Brittania From The Union Jack
All American Alien Boy
Irene Wild
Restless Youth
You Nearly Did Me In
Apathy 83
God (Take 1)

Letter To Brittania From The Union Jack
 Intro repeat
 F#              F#sus2          F#sus2          F#
|2-2 bass-------|---------------|---------------|---------------|
|F#             |F#sus2         |F#sus2         |F#             |
    Poor Britannia             drowning in your waves

|F#             |F#sus2         |F#sus2         |F#        F# F |
  With the body of the unknown soldier and the best of the brave

|Ebm            |Bbm            |B              |F#             |
     Well I have known you ever since I was a child

|F#             |Ebm   Bbm      |B              |Db             | 
   How come you don't salute me now when I smile


All American Alien Boy
The pattern for most of the song is boogie along with 4 bars of Db, 4 bars Gb, 4 bars Ab, 4 bars of Db Well I packed my |Db |Gb bags in the land of rags cos I don't believe in them dimmo drags |Ab Don't wanna vote for the left wing, don't wanna vote for the right |Db |Db I gotta have both to make me fly Just a whitey from etc The only variation in the chords is after the sax solo Db F Gb G Ab |Ab |Gb Don't look down put your feet on the ground don't drown in the big aquarium Don't walk slow put on a big show shove your meat down vegetarians |Ab Don't get slugged get mugged get bugged or they'll sling you in the jug Sweep you under some rug, give you some drug, pull out the plug and then.. |Db Guitar solo ******************************* Irene Wild Pluck away in C When |C |G/B |Am |C/G | I was just sixteen I stood waiting for a dream At |F |G Dm7 |C |F | Barker Street bus station every night When I |C |G/B |Am |C/G | tried to get it on..... she just looked at me with scorn My |F |G Dm7 |C |C | courage turned to dust and I took flight For those |Am |F |G |C G/B | looks they seemed to say you aint nothin go away your just a |Am G |F |G Dm7 |C | face in the crowd so I went home and I vowed I'm gonna |F C/E |Dm Dm/G |C | be somebody someday Next verse as above then |Bb |F |G |C G/B | Wild.. . as your name I soon left that country town I been a- |Am G |F |G F |C | round I've seen some fame seen some ups and seen some downs |Bb |F |G |C G/B | Smile.. through your shock as you hear your name aloud It's that |Am G |F |G F |C | face in the crowd didn't dig it much too proud ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Restless Youth Intro |F |G | Chorus chords 8th fret |C |C |F |F | |G |G |C |C | Verse |C |C |F |F | |G |G |F |F/C | God (Take 1) Intro strum |G |D/A |C |G | |15-----14h15p14-----12h14p12------12--|------------| |------------|------------|----------15|12----------| |------------|------------|------------|------------| |------------|------------|------------|------------| |------------|------------|------------|------------| Pattern of chords throughout songs |G |D/A |C |G | |G |D/A |C |G | |D |C G |C G |C G | |D |C G |C G |C |G |back to start |G |D/A |C |G | God said to me gonna kick your ass 'cos all you ever do is ask ask ask All that energy looking for me when I'm sitting here inside you plain to see |D |C G |C G |C G | How I built you cell for cell gave you sights to see gave you tales to tell |D |C G |C G |C | Even let you help yourself for a while to take some weight of this busy child |G | back to start From Rich One correction to suggest: On the tab for Ian Hunter's God (Take 1), play a Bm chord instead of D/A. Although the two chords are close. The Bm will make the tab sound just like the recording.