Steve Harley's contribution for other artists

Steve worked over the years with quite a number of artists. Patricia Paay, Mike Batt (for A. L. Webber), Don Black, Duncan Mackay's first solo album, Alan Parsons, Rick Wakeman, and many more. He also signed for a few productions. So he produced for Yvonne Keeley, Zero-G, Gene Loves Jezebel and others.

On this page I like to write about it. This site is also open for discussion so if someone happens to know more or different then please let us know.

Back in 1974 Steve met Yvonne Keeley and Steve discovered she had a very nice voice. He took her into Studio and recorded with her a few songs, mainly covers from Steve's work, some Dylan later. This was in about the same time the band split up and Steve was working on 'Big Big Deal'. In 1974 he went to EMI and with permission they released 'Tumbling Down' with 'Loretta's Tale' on the B-side. As far as my documents are telling me it was Duncan Mackay who already played the piano. Anyway, the song didn't get much of attention and Steve tried 'Hideaway' for her in a bit of a jazzy-version. It was a live favourite and not bad for a start. However it was a very nice version, again there was not much demand for it. EMI released it on the 6 of June 1975, just after the millionseller 'Make Me Smile' and just before his own second single 'Mr. Raffles' from the 'Best Years Of Our Lives'. On the b-side Steve recorded for her 'Concrete and Clay', a song by Brian Parker and Pete Moules from the band Unit 4 + 2 included guitarist Russ Ballard. They where quite successful with it in may 1965.

In that same year after Steve has finished his European tour, in this bloody hot summer of 1975, he went into the Abbey Road studios and recorded an album for himself, 'Timeless Flight' and for Patricia Paay, Yvonne's sister, 'Beam Of Light' (EMI 5C 064-25257). In autumn Steve finished with engineer Tony Clark this production with Cockney rebel (+ Herbie Flowers on all basses, Tony Newman on drums and with Barry St. John on backing up). The album had mixed critics. It was "Steve Harley and Cockney rebel with female vocals", they wrote. 'Beam Of light' contains mainly covers and on the 10th of November we had the release of Patricia's first single '(Can You) Please crawl Out Your Window' (Dylan). In Holland they had 'Million Dollars' (by Ad van Olm) on the B-side. In the UK they choose for 'Stairway To Heaven' (Page & Plant). For the album Steve wrote 'Understand' which he also recorded for his own album and re-arranged 'Sebastian'.

Later Patricia and Yvonne did a lot of backing vocals for Steve's albums and remain good friends.


Hans Peters