...Chubby Sex Kitten...

gorgeous Richie

taken from Select Magazine

looking like a vampire..ready to suck the blood out of you

that long fringe is irritating don't ya think?

c'mon, cheer up!!

err...to be honest, he looked fat in earlier days...let alone now

clutching tightly to his favourite guitar ever since it's been stolen..

"c'mon, gimme a kiss, don't be shy.."

he, too looks like Justine in some ways

in a white shirt

with glasses

really close!!

angry Richard

the fans are down here, Richard, not up there

taken from Saturday Night vid

yeah, the camera is always behind you

taken from the Trash vid

who says only Simon could play drums?

hardworking Richard, lazy Mat

"don't disturb me, Mat..I'm practising" BACK TO RICHARD'S PAGE