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Panca Delima (1957)

Alternative title (spelling) : Pancha Delima
Genre : Fantasy
Format : Black & White
Language : Malay

Director :
P. Ramlee

Cast :
Jins Shamsuddin ... as Suria Kencana
Hashimah Yon ... as Teratai

Producer :
(Malay Film Productions Ltd)

Synopsis :
The story tells us about a young prince called Suria Kencana who was cursed and turned into a cobra by his step mother. As a result, he became snake by day and human by night. The magic spell can only be broken by a necklace, Panca Delima, that is worn by a kind hearted girl called Teratai. Teratai has two other evil and greedy sisters. One of them got herself killed when she was too greedy in plucking the gold leaf from the magic tree. The other was envious when Suria Kenchana fell for Teratai. She stole the magic necklace and allied herself with Suria's step mother, hoping to get a big reward from her. Did Teratai and Suria managed to break the curse?


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