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Sarjan Hassan (1958)

English title : Sergeant Hassan
Genre : Drama / War / Romance
Format : Black & White
Language : Malay

Director :
P. Ramlee
Lamberto Avellana

Writer :
(Not available)

Cast :
P. Ramlee ... Sarjan Hassan
Saadiah ... Salmah
Jins Shamsuddin ... Aziz
Salleh Kamil ... Buang
Omar Rojik ... 

Crew :
(Not available)

Producer :
(Shaws Malay Film Productions Ltd)

Synopsis :
Hassan was 10 years old when his father died. His mother died when he was much younger. His late father's employer took pity and took him in under his care and guidance. However, his son Aziz felt envious and soon grew up with ill feelings towards Hassan. When they grew up, Aziz and Buang (Salleh Kamil) often find trouble with Hassan. Salmah fell in love with Hassan which made Aziz even angrier. When WW II was at Malaya's doorstep, the "Askar Melayu" called for volunteers. Aziz and Hassan responded but Hassan was forced to stay to take care of the plantation by his step father. The village people started calling him a coward. Hassan decided to run away and become a soldier when he couldn't stand the heckling any longer. Hassan proved to be an able soldier and was soon promoted to the rank of Sargeant. When the Japanese attacked Malaya, Hassan fought bravely with his comrades and even rescued Aziz when he became a POW. In the meantime, Buang decided to betray his own people and joined the Japanese as a Kempeitai. Buang used his position to harass the village people and forced Salmah to marry him. Did Hassan managed to save Salmah in time?

Trivia :
This film is directed by Lamberto Avellana but he left midway of filming and P. Ramlee took over. Even then, P. Ramlee decided to give full credits to Avellana

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