Personal Data

NAME Dorothea Rose Hurley Bongiovi
NICKNAMES Dot, Doro, Dacki, Dotty
BIRTHDAY DATE 29/ September/ 62
SIGN Balance
HEIGHT Around 5,6 feet
HOBBY Photography
PARENTS Donald Hurley and Dorothea Rose Hurley
SISTERS Three older sisters


Dorothea comes from an Irish descendents family. She's always been a shy and very studious girl and for being so devoted to shcool that her, at 16, caught the attention of the then teenager John Francis Bongiovi when both of them were studying in Sayreville War Memorial High School. [See Dorothea at 17 in 1979 and at 18, in 1980.]

They were at same classroom in History classes and it was exactly in a test of such a matter that Jon approached Dorothea... for cheating in the test!! He hadn't studied anything and with her help, who gave him the answers, he managed to get a high mark! Since then Jon was charmed but he was too shy at that time and didn't have the guts to take the lead.

So Dorothea started dating one of Jon's best friends, called Robert, best known as Bobby. At time, Jon was jealous but he commiserated quietly with his suffering... he didn't want that anyone to notice his love cause that would ruin his friendship with Bobby.

Feeling that pain, Jon wrote one of his first songs, 'Bobby's Girl', in which he tells about his secret love.

For studying together, they were always talking on the phone and Jon tells he trembled only for hearing her voice and that he was always horny because of her!

Finally, both of them talked about love on the phone, but they were afraid of hurting Bobby. Then on next year Bobby, an year older than Jon, joined up the Navy. He left the school because he had been recruited to go to a place that was really far away from New Jersey. And it was just to Jon that Bobby asked for taking care of his girl! Jon till now jokes that he took a good care of her!

In the beggining they still respected Bobby's absence but it was in a camping that everything took place...

Jon invited Dorothea to go to his hut and he sang to her the song made on previous year. Of course she couldn't resist anymore and surrendered to the caring of her beloved!

They made love for the first time inside this hut and Jon had literally a fit of laughter when he remembered taht they had made love with such enthusiasm that the hut fell down over them, making everybody to find out what was happening inside!

Since then they are together and happy, but not everything was a bed of roses for her..

In 1985, with the band's success, we can say that Jon got very excited with so many women at his feet, and so dating Dorothea came to an end. At that occasion, Jon met the actress Diane Lane whom he dated for ten months.

Jon tells that after the end of his affair with Diane Lane he went after Dorothea again, and she didn't think twice to come back to his arms. Less than five months later they moved together to a little apartment in Joisy - New Jersey.

After the explosion of New Jersey album, Jon bought the house in Rumson, where they lived till August/98. They got married three years later, in 29/ April/ 89 and they are immensely happy up to now!

A cool story is that Dorothea's always been too shy and when Jon was working at Powerstation, he met Rod Stewart, her teenage idol. Jon phoned and asked if she wanted to go there to meet him but she said she was ashamed and didn't go!

She worked as a nurse in a dental office for many years and just quit the job after marrying Jon!!!

Dorothea is a great cooker and it's her that makes Jon, Stephanie and Jesse's food. When she can't, she calls her mom or Jon's mom... she simply hates buying frozen food!

What Dorothea likes less in Jon is his terrible memory, reason why he's already forgotten her birthday many times! In one of them, the apology came as a song... I'll be there for you! In other, it came three months later and it was a very simple card with a handwritten envelope: "For my wife"!

Not many people know, but it was Dorothea who suggested that Jon and her had a motorcycle trip crossing the United States in 1991. And that was after Jon, in a depression crisis, had tried jumping out from a moving car... It was Dorothea who saved him of making such a insanity!

She would never go on a tour with Jon, cause she'd rather stay home taking care of kids, but it's Jon who insists for her to travel with him.

Dorothea loves readins and her favourite author is James Joyce: she has all his collection! She also likes the books written by the actress Shirley McLane of whom she's a great fan!

Besides reading, Dorothea loves photography and in 1986 she took a nearly professional course in it!

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