Ilana Avital was born on February, 1960, in Tunis. She was born as Brigit Abutbul.
At the age of 10 Ilana's family moved to israel. She came with her parents Vivian and Eduard, her sister and three brothers. The family settled at the coastal city "Natanya", half way between Tel-Aviv and Haifa.

At the age of 17 Ilana went to audition in singing at Shlomo Tzach's agency.
In the year 1977 Ilana performed at the music festival with the song
"OTCHA" and reached the third place.
At the same year she took part at the HASIDI music festival. 
A year later Ilana married her manager Shlomo Tzach who is twice older then her. two mounth later she became pragnet with her first son - Amit.
In 1978 Ilana Avital released her first L.P. "
OTCHA......LE'EHOV" (you...to love). It included her song "LE'EHOV" (to love) witch represented Israel in the international festival in chile, and brought her the third place.

In 1979 Ilana recorded the song "
PGISHA RISHONA" (first meeting) that appeard in the Israeli movie "AL TISH'ALI IM AMI OHEV" (don't ask if i love) soundtrack.

A year later in 1980, Ilana Avital and her husbant Shlomo Tzach decided to embark an international career in France and Canada.
They left Israel for one year during Ilana recorded an L.P. in French.
Ilana Avital recorded in Hebrew, English and French...........

Ilana Avital took part in a several Israeli music contents "kdam eurovision" toward the Europian song contest - Eurovision, during the '80th and '90th:
1983 - "
OD VA'OD" (more and more)
1987 - "
DAI LI DAI" (unough is enough)
1991 - "
A'AVATI HA'ACHRONA" (my last love)
1996 - "
She perticipate one in the French song contest towards the Eurovision, but reached only second place.
She sang in children's festivals, and two of her most famous songs performed in those festivals are:
ABA IMA VE'ERETZ ISRAEL" (mommy daddy and israel)
BO EL HA'CHAGIGA" (come to the party)
"MALKAT AH'KITA" (queen of the class)

Nine years after they married Ilana and Shlomo divorced.

In June 1989, she married Shay Tochmayer.
In 1992 they had a son - Barak.

In 1993 Ilana recorded a new cover for her song "
OTCHA" which is               included in the Israeli movie "MECHAPESET BA'AL AL ARBA" (searching a husbent on four) soundtrack.

December 1998 (Chanuka), Ilana participates in the musical
"THE BEAUTY AND THE BEAST" playing the role of the wich.
At the beggining of 2000 Ilana and Shay divorced.
2000 - Ilana playing (at her first time) in the Isaeli movie

End 2000, begin 2001 - Ilana is playing at the first Israeli "tele novela" ---
TOUCHING HAPPINESS".