Meet Nick's "Video Girl," Jessica Mion!

She's an Up 'N Coming Teen Model Who got to Work with the Backstreet Boys!

(Super Teen, February 1999)

Meet Jessica Mion...she's a 17-year-old San Diego high school student turned model/actress who played opposite Nick in Backstreet Boys' "I'll Never Break Your Heart" video. She's totally sweet, totally modest, and totally into her boyfriend (who, by the way, isn't named Nickolas Gene Carter)! A client of the Jet Set Modeling Agency, Jessica had only appeared in one teen beauty mag prior to landing this amazing video gig. So what's it like being the envy of almost every Nick fan alive?! Let Jessica fill you in...

What did you think when you first heard you'd be starring in a Backstreet Boys video...alongside Nick Carter no less?!
I wasn't even sure who the Backstreet Boys were before I got the job! I'd heard their music, but I'm horrible with knowing the names of groups...It was really exciting portraying Nick's love interest...

Since you were on the set for two days, did you spend a lot of time with the Boys?
...Nick was...really cool. I only talked to him on the set and he was really nice. He just opened up right away and started talking to me...A.J. came into my dressing room and talked to my mom and me. It was fun talking to him, he's funny because you can ask him a question and he'll tell you his whole life story.

Did Nick do anything to help you relax or make you laugh?
One of our props was a bubble gun, so we just played around with that and it was kind of fun; we were shooting each other...I can't really remember the conversation we had, I was so nervous!

Does anyone ever stop you on the street and recognize you from the video?
No, because of the way they made me up with my hair all weird, it's hard to recognize me. And the shots are all profile shots, so...

What do your friends think about all this?
The ones who've seen it like it, and I'm pleased with it. Sometimes when my boyfriend and I are in the bookstores looking at the magazines, he'll pull out the magazine [the SuperTeen, October 1998 issue with Jessica's picture in it] and show it to the person next to's sort of embarassing.

Was your boyfriend jealous at all?
He's excited. He's a little bit of a bragging type, so he likes to tell a lot of people. I try to get him not to...

Got any advice for future models and actresses out there?
...You have to be dedicated. It takes a lot of have to give up some after-school activities. The best advice I can give is, hope for the best, but expect the worst. 99% of the auditions you go to, you're not going to get. Be optimistic, but don't be too let down if you don't get it.

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