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The Shadow's are the most popular instrumental band to come out of the UK. In the late fifties and early sixties, they were a back up band for Cliff Richards and the combination was known as Cliff andThe Shadows

The local fans here in Thailand did not get a glimpse of them in action until the movie The Young Ones come out in the early sixties. Before that, their only access to the band was album cover photos and music magazines.
With the popularity of Cliff and The Shadows emerged a new breed of young teen musician and band. A red Fender Stratocaster guitar, like the one played by Hank B.Marvin, the lead guitarist of The Shadows, was on every young musician's wish list. Due to lack of availability and money, the German made red Hofner was widely seen in many of these bands instead. But the local guitar shops were quickly filling their shelves with Stratocasters and Vox echoes and amplifiers.
Soon, the music of The Shadows was being performed by virtually every band in the local club scene in Bangkok, right down to the Shadow's walk (a syncronized dance step done by the band).

Chai Komlertkul 8/4/89

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