Trent Reznor

Trent Reznor


Full Name: Michael Trent Reznor Jr.
Nickname: Stimpy.
Alias: Steve Austin (Six Million Dollar Man).
Birthday: 5/17/65 At 7:30 Eastern Time Zone.
Age: 34 As Of Last Update To This Page.
Hometown: Mercer, Pennsylvania U.S.A. (Population About 2,500. Rural Farm Town).
Father: Mike Reznor - Commercial Artist, Interior Designer, Amateur Bluegrass Musician.
Mother: Nancy Clark.
Siblings: One Sister, Tera. Born In 1971. Lived With Mother After Divorce.
Childhood Allergies: Cats, Dust, Grass, And Ragweed.
Enjoyed As Child: Fishing, Skateboarding, Building Model Airplanes, And Music.
Address: New Orleans, Louisianna U.S.A.
Height: 5'7".
Eyes: Hazel.
Hair: Dark Brown, Dyed Jet Black Every 6 Weeks, Cut Short.
Weight: N/A.
Status: Single.
Pets: Cat - Fuckhop, Golden Retreiver - Maise*.
Religion: Brought Up Protestant.
Favorite Color:
Favorite Candy: Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Creamy.
Favorite Bands: N/A.
High School: Graduated From Mercer High In 1983.
College: 1 Year At Allegheny College (90 Miles North Of Pittsburg).
Majors: Computer Engineering And Music.
Instruments: Keyboard/Piano, Guitar, Vocals, Saxophone, And Trumpet.
Previous Bands: Option Thirty, The Urge, The Innocent, Slam Bam Boo, Lucky Pierre (With Kevin McMahon Of Prick),
                         And Exotic Birds (With Chris Vrenna).
Tattoos: None.
Piercing: Ears And For About A Year And A Half, Septum.
Smoke: N/A (His Father Did Give Him His First Joint Though).
Drink: Yes.
Drugs: Coke... Maybe More.
Sexual Preference: "Straight, Gay, Lesbian, Does It Really Matter?"
Present Car: $100,000 Silver Porsche.
Best Kiss: "From My Dog".

Trent is the brains behind NIN. He composes, plays, sings, and basically creates all of NIN's music. His main instrument is vocals
while backing up on keyboards and guitar live.

*Maise fell from the 3rd story balcony of the Columbus, Ohio Concert Hall just before Christmas of 1994 during the Self
Destruct Tour
and was mortally wounded. Trent responded to this by cancelling that nights show and flying to Miami to
recuperate. Several other things followed this to make it one of the worst experiences in Trent's live.
You can see Maise in the video, Closure.

"I'd like to bow out thinking, hey, I did that. I tried that. I experienced that. I wasn't afraid. Rather than sit in the
back room with a fucking towel over my head, I want to be around it, absorb, consume." - Trent Reznor

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