This is the New America

this is the New America - tKoL Trilogy - Part 1

Across-The-Bow / 01:07:43
Blessedly Sin / 04:30:10
Talkin' 'bout Oysters / 05:09:45
Oy!ster Delhi Polka Parade / 01:12:73
Dharmabub / 06:24:68
Old Hobo's Infected Foot / 01:36:34
¡Vota Así! / 08:08:26
Obligatory Train Song / 04:56:38
The Mountain Cry / 09:32:29
Oceans / 05:39:08
I'm Coming Home / 06:40:23
Insult-To-Injury / 02:00:08
Total play time: 60:00:00
(p) & (c) 1997 Powder Monkey Music /BFP
4DD · All Rights Reserved · BMI
Loose Duke appears on "Delhi" & "Hobo"
Recorded 4/97 - 7/97 in Maryland, Pennsylvania & DC
Mixed w/ Frank Brown
Mastered w/ Harry Brookes
B&W photography by Rebecca Hankin
Color photography by Anne Ricciuti
Manufactured by Oasis Duplication
We love all our fans

w/ Frank Brown & Loose Duke


This album is the next big, no real thing. You have the power to pass it along to those you care about; like folklore, like commandments. There was a time in this country when it seemed as if nothing would change and everyone liked it. But for every calm day on the ocean there is a storm over the curve of the earth. And for every quiet day in the woods, there is a mountain rumbling and bucking beneath. Most humans enjoy a forced ignorance until it is too late, but those who trust their animal instincts can feel the vibrations early enough to flee town, or get a good seat to view the carnage.

This Is The Plan - the manifesto - The Kingdom of Leisure Trilogy

"This Is The New America" is the first installment in the TKoL Trilogy. It is not a collection of three-and-a-half minute songs. It's an album, stupid. It resurrects this forgotten art form for a generation with attention deficit disorder. The sequence is as crucial to the message as the songs themselves. It is entirely deliberate from the opening note of "Across-the-Bow" through it's bookend ending, "Insult-to-Injury." Every tempo, every dynamic change, every rest, breath and cut is painstakingly considered.

Put short and sweet:

The guitar sounds like water; the drums sound like attitude; the songs are prophesies.

There. That's it. What more can be said? Listen to the damn album yourself. Formulate your own opinions. It is thick, it is raw, it is deliberate, it is haunting. There are no accidents. Approval is not sought.

"This Is The New America" plants the seeds, rallies the troops, and converts the savages for the subsequent chapters of the manifesto. It is the bait before the hook; the hook before the jerk; the jerk before the cruel, bright sun and the hot, suffocating air; one last dry look at the sky before the fatal whack above the gills.

This Is The New America? This Is The New America. Slip into some headphones and understand.


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