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Act One - Late Afternoon (4:20 pm) - Early Summer

Feed the Glorious Mink: The introduction, the explanation, your starting point. The famous storyteller, John Dunn Jr., explains the philosophy behind your unplanned journey. This is part two (2) of the tKoL tripgrass trilogy (remember "This is the New America" from 1997?). This album has no purpose, it has no plan. It simply flows, it's a ride. Improvisation IS the entire approach to this album. Improvisation is the process. Yes, that's Jack on the left. Ride well, our dear friend.Jack Dunn

Since all goals have been exceeded, we decided to let the process dictate the outcome. We are joy riding. We own the studio, we own the label, we have friends, we have cred, we have the power, so we can do what we please. We can go anywhere we please. Pedal gently, slowly, strongly.

Princess Bridge - Ruins of Pagosa - Kids in the Street: If you listen, you'll notice these three songs are actually all the same twelve minute take. Julie adds some bottom to the mix.

We pick up a few friends along the way, like Julie and Marcus. 'P-Bridge' is simply a good old-fashioned my-toys-are-better-than-yours tripgrass declaration. Let it consume you. Ride confidently; boldly. You can show off if you want.

'Ruins' is the attractive whirlpool. Here is where you reach your first challenge (since we've cut the brake cables and pushed you down a steep hill). You can either hang on or fall off. If you hang on, you cross into the bad part of town...the other side of the tracks. Don't front here.

'Kids': nothing but social commentary. What happened to the kids in the street? What are we fighting for anymore? Ride quickly, bottles and rocks are being hurled your direction. You stupidly ride here...you should be scared. You should think.

I Like Smartbomb: We do like smartbomb. They give you a ride to a safer territory. John - Chris - Scott - Chuck:

Chris Brownelle

Kentucky: In many ways this is a trip through the bluegrass state of your mind. Rather than a typical tKoL deconstruction, KY is all about layers. Think of it as a ride up a long steep hill. Once on top you take a brief side trip into a thick, wet dream. But, you get to coast down gently and safely. You are well. All is leisurely. Avelynn drops by for some keys.

Tunneldump - Earl Flatt & Lester Scruggs: One of our very favorite songs by The Beggars Trail. We, however, take it on a blistering, anthemic sprint. RJ & Dan (above) wrote 'T-Dump'. Icing's feminine soul holds everything together in this heavy drums & guitar jam session. You are riding way too fast, way too carelessly and you have no hands on the bars. Foolish? You bet. Fun? Absolutely. C-Earl makes a cameo.

Things slow down nicely however during the remainder of this long studio take. We crank it down to cruise through story time. Like "Talkin' 'bout Oysters" (from 'New America'), 'EF & LS' is the Rich & Ty duo song. You're in the sidecar of a bicycle built for two. Gene's a rock star.

Act one ends and you can stop for rest and to replenish your juices and chocolates.

Act Two - Early Evening (4:20 pm)

Tom's Three Minute Single: Before you board for the ride out, '3 min. single' cues up, it's a time for rest. You see, we have a friend who only listens to "alternative" "modern" radio. Tommy (that's not Tom, that's Big Dave Wave) reads the "music" magazines. Bless his soul, for he can only understand the three-minute radio cut (Dave listens to Zappa). This is Tom's three minute single. It's not part of the journey, it's part of the plan. A lovely princess escorts you to your waiting vehicle...Jess TalkesThat's Jess, the lovely Florida princess. "Daa-daa-daa!" Yeah-heah, it's Tom. Oooooookay.

ButterPump: Oh, you're back, now that you're in, let's play some records! I guess we re-recorded 'B-Pump' as a milestone. It was the first song we played together, the first we ever recorded, and one of the few early-phase pieces that we still play live. It has changed, obviously. The world has changed. You embark on a long, nostalgic venture to find your way home and meet a kind civil servant and his lovely wife, Gina, on your way. They guide the way. Trust is essential at this point, it's getting dark. It's getting late.

BFP: As the prelude to 'G-Story', BFP is realization that a little hard work will pay off in big ways. BFP transitions you to (and from) the rest of the album; it's where you gain a mystical second wind. Really. It's a furious ride into and out of darkness, rain and cold. It's dense and it's confusing, but you begin to understand now. It makes no sense, of course. You need rest, my friend. You're riding a BMX in a half-pipe. You need sleep. You're not paying attention to the right things...do it again.

The Greatest Story Ever Told: This is the ride of your life. This is the ride FOR your life. Do not pedal too hard. Follow the path. Relax or suffer. Ride gently. Liz guides you through the darkness.You can make it home. Christine asks the important questions. This is your last test.

Come Drink the Wine: Congratulations, there is a light at the end of this tunnel and you are there. Here is a safe haven. You have friends, you have family, you are embraced in comfort and joy. So, join the feast. It's time to stop. You made it, you're home. Don't be sad, my friend, you can ride again.

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