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Marc Graser
July 1st, 1999

HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - New Line on Wednesday began a series of auctions, selling off memorabilia from several of its pictures -- ``Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me,'' ``Rush Hour,'' ``Boogie Nights,'' ``Spawn,'' ``Blade,'' ``The Mask,'' ``A Nightmare on Elm Street'' and ``Dumb and Dumber.''

Each auction, co-sponsored by America Online, will feature a one-week sales window. Several items from the first session, however, will remain open for two weeks. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to charity.

As part of its first auction, the studio is selling 16 items, including the 1965 convertible Corvette, Dr. Evil's suit and Fat Bastard's delivery man uniform from the ``Austin Powers'' sequel as well as Chris Tucker's police badge from ``Rush Hour.''

Bids for the Corvette reached upwards of $100,000 late Wednesday. Dr. Evil's suit attracted bids close to $5,000. Bids for a pair of promotional sunglasses from the picture even reached over $300.

More items, including Mini-Me's piano, Roller Girl's skates from ``Boogie Nights'' and Edward Furlong's skateboard from ``American History X,'' will be added in coming weeks.

New Line isn't the first studio to hold an auction of movie memorabilia. Universal Studios has been holding its own auctions online for months.

New Line's auction is located at and is hosted by online auction host FairMarket Inc. It is also available on America Online through keyword MovieAuction. 1