The Soundtrack's Thanks

Special Thanks from Anne Dudley:

Above all to Tony Kaye for his vision and inspiration.

Special Thanks from New Line Cinema:

Bob Bowen, Michael De Luca, Erik Ellner, Tovy Emmerich, Richard Ford, Carla Fry, Mitch Goldman, Erik Holmberg, Cheryl Boone Isaacs, Diana Kaufman, Mark Kaufman, Tony Kaye, Jody Levin, Bernie Lozea, Michael Lynne, David McKenna, Maria Mirabal, Ann Munday, John Morrissey, New Line Creative Services, Helle O'Connell, Paul Prokop, Mitch Rotter, Dana Sano, Carrie Seeley, Erin Scully, Annie Searles, Bob Shaye, Eurydice Tampol, Steve Tisch, Jonathan Toto, Larry Turman, Judy Weng, Brian Witten.

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