From 1977 to 1997 INXS have played around 2,500 live shows to audiences all around the globe. The exact number of concerts will never be determined, due to the sheer extent that the band push themselves when on tour. In the early days, circa 1980, INXS were playing seven nights a week all year round. INXS have played pubs and clubs and big arenas and each concert is unique. But no matter what size the crowd or where they are playing, INXS exude a raw power rarely seen in a band. INXS performed their first show at Toukley in New South Wales on 1 September, 1979.

"The thing about touring, is that you're only on stage for two hours out of every twenty four. So you spend the rest of the time getting there, preparing and waiting. But somehow I find that those two hours on stage make up for the other twenty-two hours of weirdness and boredom." -Jon Farriss

The following is a comprehensive list of tour dates performed over the years. There are full tour lists from 1986 to 1997. The list is still being put together and dates from early tours are still to come. If you have any dates for shows played in these times or any others I would appreciate an email so I can complete the list up to date.

1980 / 81 ... The Fear & Loathing tour, The Campus tour, Stay Young tour, The Tour With No Name

1982 ... Una Brilliante Banda De Musica Amenizara Espectaculo tour

1983 ... US tour supporting Adam Ant

1984 ... The Swing World tour

1985 ... Listen Like Thieves World tour

1986 - If You Got It, Shake It World tour

1986 / 87 - Australian Made tour

1987 / 88 - KICK World tour

1990 / 91 - X Factor World tour

1992 - The Concert For Life

1993 - Get Out Of The House World tour

1994 - Dirty Honeymoon World tour

1997 - Elegantly Wasted World tour