Note: some will not werk for aol 4.0..or aol 3.0, some only in aol 2.5

Dice Roll~To roll dice press //roll~to roll more dice press //roll-sides234-dice23-Notice you can change any numbers.

Blank Chat Line~To stunn other Aol users in a chat press spacebar once then hold Alt+0160 on keypad.

Symbols~To do symbols press and hold alt+a combo of numbers on keypad.Example Alt+5544=  Alt+742=

Private Room ~ Go to Favorite Places, click Add Favorite Places, for the Place Description type the room name, for the Internet Address: aol://2719:2-2-"Room Name"

Punt~To punt in an IM fill the whole text with < h3 > till there is no more space for any other writing.

IM Scroll~To do an IM scroll type < h1 > < h2 > or < h3 > in front of every word.

Freeze Com~Fill in the whole text < h3 > then keep on hitting send.

Wild Text~Type < /sub > "letter" < sub > "letter" and keep on doing it like that.

Blank IM~Type < a href >"notice space" keep on pressing send and theyll be stunned!

Strikethrogh~Type < s >,type < /s > to stop.

Animation~Type < /html >"letter"< /html > "letter"sp pn.

 freeze *B**S**U**I**h3**h3**h3.............repeat h3 till full

ken*h1**h3**h3**h3**kisner*h1**h3**h3**h3** ...repeat

/html h1 /html h1 /html h1 scroll punt  add words to scroll letters in between

Cloning ~ Using a  Hex Editor  in Waol.exe, rename the first, and only the first "AOL Frame25" to "AAA AAAAAAA" (This can only work using  AOL 3.0 for Windows 95  on a TCP/IP connection)

aol://4401:8592:544088 normal = normal = normal normal 
12 aol://4344:204.z66proj2.1845884.505890733 Access Code 3675$$.68347.469068066


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