Look Into My Eyes
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Artist  Bone thugs~n~harmony
Date of Release  Jul 14, 1997 (approx.) inprint
Technical Stuff                    Ruthless    0610 
1997   CD   Ruthless    88561-6344-2
Single off the album The Art of War and the soundtrack for the motion picture Batman and Robin
D.J. U-Neek - Producer, Recording, Mixing, A&R Director
Tomica Wright - Executive Producer
Virgil Davis Jr. - Recording
Aaron Connor - Recording, Mixing
Rhodri Davies
 - Recording
Brian "Big Bass" Gardner
Bernie Grundman
Don Cunningham
Design and Art Direction
Lucky Nantana
A&R Administration
Don Cunningham
Art Direction
Giulio Costanzo
Peter Dokus
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The Ouija Curse
1. "Look Into My Eyes" (Clean Version) 4:27 
2. "Look Into My Eyes" (Instrumental) 4:15 

"Look Into My Eyes" (Bone, D.J. U-Neek) Keenu Songs (BMI), Mo Thug Muzic (ASCAP) 
Ruthless Attack Muzick (ASCAP), Dollarz N Sense Muzick (BMI) 

Produced by: D.J. U-Neek for U-Neek Entertainment Inc/KingPin Inc. 
Executive Producer:  Tomica Wright 

Recorded At:  U-Neek's Workshop, LA, CA by:  Virgil Davis Jr and D.J. U-Neek 
Recorded At:  Studio Cat Productions, Hollywood, CA by:  Aaron Connor and Rhodri Davies 
Mixed At:  Studio Cat Productions, Hollywood, CA by:  Aaron Connor and D.J. U-Neek 
Mastered At:  Bernie Grundman Mastering, Hollywood, CA by:  Brian "Big Bass" Gardner 

Music from and inspired by the "Batman & Robin" motion picture 
and Bone thugs-n-harmony album "The Art of War" 

A&R Direction:  D.J. U-0Neek 
A&R Administration  Lucky Nantana 

Art Dirtecion:  Don Cunningham 
Design:  Giulio Costanzo 
Photgraphy:  Peter Dokus 

Batman logo © 1997 Warner Bros.  BATMAN, ROBIN and all related  
characters, names and indicia are trademarks of DC Comic © 1996 

(P)© 1997
Ruthless Records
All Rights Reserved
Manufactured by
Ruthless Records
Distrubuted by Red
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1.  "Look Into My Eyes" (Clean Version) 4:27 Layzie, Krayzie, Bizzy, Wish 
(Bone, D.J. U-Neek) Keenu Songs (BMI), Mo Thug Muzic (ASCAP)  Ruthless Attack Muzick (ASCAP), Dollarz N Sense Muzick (BMI)
2.  "Look Into My Eyes" (Instrumental) 4:15 (Bone, D.J. U-Neek) Keenu Songs (BMI), Mo Thug Muzic (ASCAP)  Ruthless Attack Muzick (ASCAP), Dollarz N Sense Muzick (BMI)
 None at this time.

     If you play the chorus of "Look Into My Eyes" backwards, it sounds somewhat like they are saying "In the East we straight kill."  Although I doubt this was intentional, it's still interesting to note.


     The radio edit single CD for "Look Into My Eyes" actually bears a pair of eyes.  If you look closely at the picture of Bone on the back of the CD cover (closeup of their heads above the word WAR), it would appear that the pair of eyes belong to Wish.  Of course, it could be just about anyone's eyes, but if you compare the shape of the eyes and the shadows, it seems likely that they are indeed Wish's.

     Bizzy is absent from this video.  His picture is seen, however, being held up by one of the biters.
     The biter with the masks does not have a mask of Bizzy.
     The biters are dressed similarly to Bone.  Some have Cleveland Indians baseball caps on.
     Krayzie drives up in the Batmobile in one scene.
     During the closing seconds of the video, Bone is scene walking through a subway.  The song has ended, and the music playing is that from the Mo' Thug intro on the second disc of The Art of War.  Also, a suspicious looking man (a biter) is plastering up posters...these posters are for the movie "Batman and Robin."

    One may notice credit being given to "Keenu Songs" for all the songs on this album.  Careful deduction revelas that "Keenu" is "Uneek" backwards.
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