Lawrence Arends (drums)

He joined in 1961 to Dee Fenton & The Silhouettes:

After a while, they changed their name to The Four Just Men. In 1963, John Kelman leaves the band to join Freddie Star: Again, a new change in the band name, now to The Just Four Men. They released a couple of singles in 1964 and 1965. New personnel changes: Around 1966, a new bassist arrives, Barry Ashall. After a while, they changed their name to Wimple Winch when John Kelman returned to the band. That was still 1966. They recorded three singles and an unreleased album. They split in 1967. Many years later, in 1988, it was released a CD with some of those songs, The Wimple Winch story '63 - '68.

Next band for Lawrence was Sponze, recording one single with Dave Berry in 1969. After that, he joined Pacific Drift in 1970:

They released one album, Feelin' free, with the contribution of wonderful backing vocalists Sue Glover and Sunny Leslie.

I don't know anything else about him after the separation of the band.

Albums with Wimple Winch: Albums with Pacific Drift:
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