Andy Brown (bass, vocals)

Talented bassist, also a good singer.

In 1976, he joins Tiger, a band formed by singer Nicky Moore along Ray Flacke (from Meal Ticket; see my pages on Steve Simpson), but I don't the exact lineups. Help here, please!

Next step was joining The Bliss Band:

In 1987, he joins Fast Buck:

Ed Hamilton (vocals, guitar)
Andy Locke (guitar, vocals)
Andy Brown (bass)
Mike Simmonds (keyboards)
Mike Baron (drums)
But they soon split, after making some unreleased recordings.

In 1990, he joins Tanita Tikaram live band for a long tour from February to July:

Tanita Tikaram (vocals, guitar)
Mark Cresswell (guitar)
Andy Brown (bass)
Bob Noble (keyboards)
Helen O'Hara (violin)
Nick France (drums)
They were supposed to play in my city in September, but the whole European leg of the tour was cancelled. A pity.

He joins the band Be Sharp around March 1991, replacing the great Dave Bronze:

Jerry Stevenson (guitar, keyboards, vocals)
Andy Brown (bass)
Bob Jenkins (drums)
He left the band sometime during 1997.

And here, I must say that I have confusion about his career. Why? Well, it seems there are two different Andy Brown bassists (one of them being more into jazz, usually playing with Tony Oxley). Also, in the late 60s, there was an Andy Brown playing bass for the last lineups of Alan Bown Set band, and another one in The Rutles. To make things worse, keyboardist Andy Brown (from The Herd and Status Quo fame) is miscredited many times as Andy Brown, and he also played bass in the 70s. So, how can I know who is who every time? :)

Albums with Bliss Band: Albums with Be Sharp: Albums with x: Sessions: Other sessions that I don't know if they belong to Andy Brown or maybe to Andy Bown:  

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