Mark Brzezicki (drums)
Born Mark Michael Brzezicki, on June 21st, 1957, in Slough, Buckinghamshire, England.

First band I knew with him was Big Country (around 1982 - ha, his last name is unforgettable!!). But he has also been playing in many sessions, and he usually plays in Pete Townsend bands. A very powerful drummer.

He started with The Flying Brzezickis, a trio formed with some of his brothers. In 1977, he joined Simon Townsend band (to be called On The Air), until 1981.

After that, Tony and Mark joined Big Country in April 1982.

I think he also appears in some "Prince Trust" concerts, but I still don't have a catalog of my videotapes, and I can't remember the details now. The lineup for Big Country was:

He has also played with The Cult in the summer of 1985, as a stand-in drummer, also playing in their album Love. Also in 1985, after having played as sessionman in Roger Daltrey solo album, Under a raging moon, he also toured with Daltrey for a few concerts.

In 1988, Mark appeared at the Nelson Mandela concert. I have taped several hours of it, but I still have to check the musicians names...

In July 1989, Mark left the band and joined Fish (the original vocalist from Marillion. See my pages on Ian Mosley for more details on him):

They recorded some sessions for the BBC, with fellow Bruce Watson (also from Big Country) joining. These performances were released some years later.

Around September 1991, mythical band Procol Harum comes to live, and Mark is the chosen one for the very difficult task of getting the sticks (after their great drummer, B.J. Wilson, sadly died).

But Tim Renwick left the band in December 1991, being replaced by another great guitarist, Geoff Whitehorn. They played a long tour in 1992, but Matthew Fisher didn't stay for long this time, leaving in April 1992, and he's substituted by Don Snow in May. Also that same month, they went to play again with Edmonton Symphony Orchestra (the same orchestra they used for recording their live album from 1971, with Dave Ball on guitar).

But in February 1993, Mark leaves the band, returning to Big Country.

After null success from their last album, Big Country split in an unofficial way in 1996. Simply, everybody went his own way. Mark joined Billy Duffy (guitarist in The Cult) in a new band called Interstate: But they soon split, in September 1996. That same month, the Gary Brooker Ensemble played a gig in a church, that was to be released as an acoustic live album. The lineup was:
Gary Brooker (vocals, keyboards)
Robbie McIntosh (guitar, vocals)
Dave Bronze (bass)
Michael Bywater (keyboards)
Mark Brzezicki (percussion)
and the album is Within our house (1996).

At the end of 1996, he joins historical band The Crazy World of Arthur Brown. They recorded at least one EP.

In 1997, Mark is approached by Bernie Marsden and Micky Moody for the initial lineup in The Snakes:

Bernie Marsden (guitar, vocals)
Micky Moody (guitar, vocals)
David Levy (bass)
Josh Phillips (keyboards)
Mark Brzezicki (drums)
They did a short tour, but Marsden & Moody soon changed the lineup.

In 1997, there was a one-off reunion by Big Country, without Bruce Watson (then with his own band Wild Blue Yonder). But they were joined by Ray Davies, the Kinks boss. WOW, I'm sure it should be a hell of a concert!!

In December 1997, he plays some concerts with Midge Ure:

Midge Ure (guitar, vocals)
Josh Phillips (keyboards)
Mark Brzezicki (drums)
+ others unknown to me
In 1999, as far as I know, he's touring with Leo Sayer: Albums with Big Country: Albums with The Cult: Albums with Fish: Albums with Procol Harum: Albums with Gary Brooker: Some sessions:
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