Andy Colquhoun (guitar, bass)

First I read about Andy was being in March 1977 in a band called Warsaw Pakt, formed by Motorhead's first drummer, Lucas Fox:

They released a self-titled album, before splitting in March 1978.

In May 1978, he joined Tanz Der Youth:

But they split very soon, on September 1978. They only released a single, 'I'm sorry I'm sorry / Delay' (Sept 78).

Then, he joined Mick Farren. Mick had just recorded an album, Vampires stole my lunch money (Aug 78), where he played. As Mick wanted to play a tour for promoting the album, in September 1978, Andy accepted being part of the band. Their name? Mick Farren & The Good Guys:

Next thing for Larry was teaming with legendary guitarist Wayne Kramer (from MC5 fame). Kramer needed a band to play some concerts in the UK in March 1979, and Larry and Andy were there: In August 1981, Andy formed his own band Turbo: Next thing to resurrect was ... Pink Fairies, in 1987: They released a new album in 1987, Kill 'em & eat 'em.

Andy seems to be a regular component of the different Deviants incarnations in the 90s. This lineup released the album Eating jello with a heated fork in 1995:

But, apart from the band, Mick Farren & Jack Lancaster released an album credited to the duo, and called The Death Ray tapes. It's a live album recorded with this lineup: Other guest players in the album, the mythical Wayne Kramer (from MC5 fame), and again, actor Brad Dourif.

A new lineup for a special gig for The Deviants in 1997 was:

Albums with Warsaw Pakt: Albums with Pink Fairies: Albums with Mick Farren / The Deviants: Albums with Mick Farren & Jack Lancaster:
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