Jimmy Jewell (sax)

A veteran from the British blues-rock scene.

Jimmy joins the Keef Hartley Band around 1968:

Miller Anderson (guitar, vocals)
Gary Thain (bass)
Henry Lowther (trumpet, violin)
Jim Jewell (sax)
Keef Hartley (drums)
This lineup played in Woodstock Festival, on its second day, although unfortunately they don't appear on the movie or soundtrack. I also have the extended video edition of the movie with almost 1 additional hour of footage, but KHB isn't there. :(

To remind a bit of the atmosphere of what happened there, I copy here a brief excerpt from liner notes written by Michael J. Fairchild for the album The Woodstock diary (1994, Atlantic), about that 2nd day:

"Rainless Saturday concerts bring euphoric peaks. Participants groove to the tunes of Quill, Keef Hartley, Santana, Mountain, Canned Heat, Creedence Clearwater Revival, the Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin, Sly & The Family Stone, the Who, and the Jefferson Airplane. Gladiator gods at the frontliness of consciousness, these bands lead the masses past breakthrough peaks. Rock's Freedom Beat by moonlight unites the tribes at the apex of a decade. Woodstock's field of dreams awakens ancient rites and Sabbat dance. The music is a fruit rooted in Blues, ripening sweet in a half-million heads. It is the Saturnalia of the Century, casting possession frenzy 'til dawn..."

For the second album, the lineup changes slightly:

They release their second album, The battle of North West Six, another superb album. It was still recorded with Spit James in the band, with contributions from Mick Taylor (The Rolling Stones) guesting on guitar on one track. Plus Mike Davis (trumpet), Harry Beckett (trumpet, fluegelhorn), Lynn Dobson (tenor saxophone, flute), Chris Mercer (tenor saxophone), Barbara Thompson (baritone saxophone, flute) and Ray Warleigh (flute).

When they were recording their third album, The time is near, Lowther and Jewell leave the band in 1970.

In September 1973, the great Ronnie Lane started his own solo project, after leaving Faces at the peak of their career. The band was called Ronnie Lane & Slim Chance, and Ronnie switched from bass to guitar here:

Soon after, Chrissie Stewart leaves, being replaced by Biddy Wright: After releasing an album, Anyone for anymore, Gallagher & Lyle left the band to perform as a duo. The new lineup in May 1974 is: But just one month later, June 1974, more changes and additions: But the lineup was too numerous to be a good idea, and in July 1974, Ronnie abandons the idea (he was to keep the band name, carrying on with different musicians). At that time, Jimmy Jewell concentrated on session work, but also played with his old mates Gallagher & Lyle for a while: It's a long time since I don't see his name in albums or bands, so any help with current info will be very appreciated!

He has also released a few solo albums. I'm amazed was his first album, released in 1977, with this lineup, comprising old bandmates and studio companions:

His second album, From the first time I met you, was recorded with the same lineup. Sometimes it's credited to Jimmy Jewell & Ears.

Solo albums:

Albums with Keef Hartley Band: Albums with Ronnie Lane & Slim Chance: Sessions:
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