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Felix Krish (bass)

It's not easy to find info about him. Apart from playing in Bad Company, I think he also was a member of Charlie.

In 1977, he was a member of Long John Baldry live backing band:

Long John Baldry (vocals)
Kathi McDonald (vocals)
Alan Murphy (guitar)
Felix Krish (bass)
Jakob Magnusson (keyboards)
Chris Castle (drums)
Sharon Robinson (backing vocals)
Barbara Frye (backing vocals)
I have Felix playing in a live video concert by Beverley Craven, but I don't remember the year, probably 1991. This is the lineup:
Beverley Craven (vocals, piano)
Ian Bairnson (guitar)
Felix Krish (bass)
Gary Sanctuary (keyboards)
Frank Mead (sax, harmonica)
Charlie Morgan (drums)
Shelley Preston (backing vocals)
+ another female vocalist
Felix also toured with Beverley later (probably in 1993 and 1996, but I need the confirmation).

In 1995, he toured with Alan Parsons from July to October:

Alan Parsons (keyboards, vocals)
Chris Thompson (vocals, guitar)
Peter Beckett (vocals, keyboards)
Ian Bairnson (guitar)
Felix Krish (bass)
Richard Cottle (keyboards)
Andrew Powell (keyboards)
Stuart Elliott (drums)

Albums with Charlie (he wasn't a member, but used to contribute in their albums):

Albums with Bad Company: Albums with Beverley Craven: Albums with Alan Parsons: Sessions:
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