We are Soulbleed, a band from Painesville, Ohio....and here is our story:

Sometime in December of 1997, Jason Carlson and Mat Whipple decided that they would start ANOTHER band. (they had been in two before.) Jason suggested that they ask their friend Joe Moore if he would like to sing, and before they knew it, the drummer-less Departure began. After about 5 practices, Jason asked if they could give their friend Nic Zimmerman a shot at drums. He came over, using Mat's old drumset, (which had a broken bass drum kick) and still impressed the band into letting him join. At the same practice, the original second guitarist, Laura Breech, was also let in the band. At their next practice, Joe's older brother (and ex singer of Days After...) Dennis came over and was impressed by the band. He called his friend Ed Nemergut over to hear them, and they all had a jam session. (except Nic, he was sick and couldn't make it) Ed started coming to Ill Departure practices regularly, and was basically a part of the band. The next week, Dennis and Ed stopped over again, and they recorded a song with Jason on bass, Ed on guitar, Nic on drums, and Dennis on vocals, called White Trash. It was written on the spot, and didn't have any specific lyrics. Ed, Jason, and Nic all worked on getting White Trash just perfect. The next week, Mat came over and asked if he could sing on White Trash, since neither of the Moore brothers showed up. The lineup for the 4-track version of White Trash was Ed Nemergut on guitar, Mat Whipple on Vocals, Jason Carlson on bass, and Nic Zimmerman on Drums. Shortly after, Laura was kicked out of the band, or she thinks she quit, because she SUCKS. Now, Ed was officialy inducted into the band. The lineup was now Joe Moore on vocals, Ed Nemergut on guitar, Mat Whipple on guitar, Jason Carlson on bass, and Nic Zimmerman on drums. They practiced with no vocalist for a few weeks, until one day Joe's brother Dennis brought his friend Eric Hess over to jam with D-feKt. (they changed their name when they got rid of Laura, by the way.) After practicing a few times using two singers, Joe and Eric, Joe quit, but still remained good friends with the band. Eric was now the singer, and they had to think of yet another name for the new lineup. Ed thought of Soulbleed, a name he had used for a previous band of his. They recorded 4 songs on a 4-track about 2 weeks after naming Eric the singer, and are still going to this day.
Eric Hess - Vocals Ed Nemergut - Guitar Mat Whipple - Guitar Jason Carlson - Bass Nic Zimmerman - Drums
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