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Everquest (current)
Ainenea Bladesong, Human Bard (Drinal)
Ainenea de Balthasar
Possesed of an insatiable natural curiosity, Ainenea adores her life as a wandering bard and eagerly travels far and wide to see what there is to be seen.  She is a member of the guild Veni Vidi Mori ("I came, I saw, I died"), a name which aptly describes her penchant for exploration potentially at the expense of her personal safety.  Always ready with quick wit and a friendly smile, she enjoys nothing more than assisting and entertaining others with her magical songs.  She is an accomplished musician, born with an ear for music, a voice for song and currently studying a wide variety of instruments, including the mandolin, drums, wind and brass as part of the League of Antonican Bards.  However she is not vain or selfish and will gladly go out of her way to help a fellow adventurer.  As a worshipper of Quellious, the goddess of inner peace and harmony, she hopes her music will inspire others to find their true path in life.  In the future, she intends to study many languages in order to learn more about other cultures, broaden her musical repertoire, and promote intercultural understanding.  If you see her around Norrath, feel free to say hello!
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Dark Age of Camelot (current)
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Dark Ages (former)
Euryleia O'Donneaillie was my young rogue.  She was very polite but preferred to work alone and could definitely be "roguish" and cheeky at times.
Méduse O'Donneaillie was a warrior.  I don't use her as often but she was still pretty cool. :).  She was Euryleia's cousin.
My priestess, EireAnn de Balthasar, in a fantasy picture riding a Draco. She was extremely curious, as a worshipper of Luathas, god of Gnosis, and was engaged to the wizard Demetrios.
Fa Mulan was a very young monk.  Monk characters seemed difficult to develop but I found their skills quite intriguing so I hoped to develop her more.
Furcadia (former)
EireAnn the equine
Comic Chat
My original character, Medusa (by U2QueenBee)
Queen Bee (by Milord_Mab)
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