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Hello & welcome to the "offical" Poly-Ester homepage, It is currently being altered...... Please enjoy....

Thanks to everyone who came to the Zapatos show!!!! We had a great time! And thanks for buying CD's.....

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- Undercurrents on KEOS 89.1 @ 9:00

- Punk Local 72 on KEOS 89.1 @ 11:00

- The Exposure Show on 103.9 the X, Sunday's @ 9:00

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On Sale Now!!!!!!

Buy them @ the shows or Email us!


Click Here To See A Video Clip From The Double Dave's Show

* This segment is of the end, w/ us playing the Vincent Price Machine, it may take a while to load, & isn't the best qualtiy*

The latest version of Quick Time is needed to view this.

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