psycho, it works,psycho, it works,psycho, it works,


Calvin is SO cute! Even when he is flushing himself down the toilet!

My Zoo

BOAR! read this is your name is BOAR! (uhh, don't ask)

Super Kitty, my weird children's story

My web pet dudes

My awards

Vocabulary Words

My Story based on "The X-files", Rooftops

My Blaise Pascal page, not very good, but I got an A!

This is a rose called a hawkeye, I just thought it looked cool!

Some Links

Lin's page
Heidi's page, she's psycho
The Cantina- Star Wars chat, Lin made me put it on!

I hope you had fun either laughing at my stupidity or something me any suggestions, and to close out here is a nice little quote I read in a book, "If you are intellegent, beautiful, and have a vagina, you can rule the world." Isn't that the funniest quote you ever heard? I said that to a guy once and he said, "yeah I know, it really sucks!" I don't think he realized I was being sarcastic...

This is the yoshi that I colored in one day when I was really bored, they should make a teal yoshi. It would be cool!><p><img src=         View my guestbook     Sign my guestbook

My birds, well, I have a picture of them...

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