hitchcock timeline


1980:  birth of john, tom and jim

1980-1994:  pre-band era of individual development, suburban nurturing

        _john:  pearl jam/the boss

        _tom:  primus/buzzcocks

        _jim:  sports/queen

1995:  beginnings

        _tom founds band, "apathy" with anthony place and steve lehrer

        _john experiments with "next big thing (NBT)" and kip erwin

        _jim plays with karl trenty in W.A.N.G.

may 1995:  tom's band "apathy" makes now famous appearance at junior high talent show

october 1995:  john starts playing with "apathy"  about a month later, steve lehrer is let go

march 1996:  kip erwin hosts "loserpalooza" in his basement.  "apathy" which has become "los miltons" takes note of jim playing with "WANG" and asks him to play with them

april 1996:  jim plays for the first time with "los miltons", now renamed "the hitchcocks"

        the hitchcocks consist of jim, tom, john, anthony

june 1996:  recording of first album, self-titled, with medina's own tracy ramer

january 1997:  sophomore year SPICE, hitchcocks are approached by eddie albrigo to play a show at the mantis in Kent, OH

22 february 1997:  first legitimate "punk" show with the proms, nimrods, naked apes, et al, at the mantis.

summer 1997:  first webpage designed and put up by steve klosterman, still up here