a review from Now Wave Magazine

NOW WAVE correspondent Nikolai Saskakovitch offers the following reports from the field:

THE HITCHCOCKS-"Official Release #2"
The Hitchcocks stole the show at Mutant Pop Fest 2000 with a knockout set that exceeded the bare-bones pop-punk primitivism of their MP disc by about a million miles. These kids from Medina, Ohio were tight, charming, and flawless as they blasted through a handful of punchy, textured, sophisticated pop tunes that were drenched in fabulously-orchestrated harmonics. And while the band’s second short-run release doesn’t come close to matching the near-perfection of that live magic, it does document the next stage of this band’s spunky rise to the top of the underground pop hierarchy. Make no mistake about it: The Hitchcocks are gonna be AWESOME! The sound quality is only so-so, and the playing is on the sloppy side, but OFFICIAL RELEASE #2 is still a keeper. “Bye Bye Diane” is a pure gem; “Mountains Are For Climbing”, “Atomic Robo-Kid Profile”, and “Teenagers” are promising nuggets of melody. As good as these cats are, I’m sure they’ll look back on this disc someday with a great deal of chagrin. But it’s the start of something truly big, and that’s its primary appeal. Watch out for The Hitchcocks! Watch out!!!



The Hitchcocks "Loose Lips Sink Ships" - 
I have been fortunate enough to know of the Hitchcocks for the past three and a half years. Back in 1997, these guys and my now defunct band were slated to be on some kid's brand new record label. Well, the kid pussied out, so the world would have to wait another couple of years to get to know the 'cocks. Lucky for me, though, I got my hands on the album/demo tape that caught this kid's interest in the first place.This stuff is pre-Mutant Pop short run stuff, and it is mind bogglingly good. My first thought was a mid-tempo Sicko, but that doesn't quite nail it. If you've had the opportunity to hear their short run, think those songs only better. Just about every song on here is a certifiable pop-punk hit, and, if there is a God (or a willing record label), one day these songs will see the light of day. These guys were doing the songsaboutgirls thing better than any other band in '97, and they were doing it in Medina, Ohio for chrissakes! Where the fuck is Medina,Ohio?