Or: "How not to view this site in one easy lesson."

    "I just thought I would take this chance to firmly state that I neither condone or promote suicide by any method and I am not a supporter of capital punishment. The NOOSE the name of this project refers to is a psychological one, that which leads each and everyone of us at some point to the brink of self-destruction. The wise learn from such experiences, the rest do not and continually repeat their mistake until it's too late. If blame for such actions must be placed, look elsewhere, not at me. Why? Because I am only presenting an aural representation of what you know to be true, when you are alone, and your thoughts keep bouncing around the room, echoing like small caliber gunshots down an empty hall...

If you're one of the politically correct minority, are under the age of consent or not of stable mind, are easily shaken or you don't like the thought of being confronted by such matters, then I suggest you exercise your right of free choice and leave this site now. Just hit the back/return button. From this point on, the responsibility is all your own..."

Yours in fragments,
-- Syd Edwards, April, 1999 --

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