'N SYNC in the Land
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Q: What are you when you have a "burning" desire to
listen to 'N SYNC?
A: An 'N SYNCarator!!

Q: How do you know when the radio is going to play
your FAVORITE group?
A: You get an 'N SYNC Instinct!!


Our Top Ten "Christmas" Wishes

1. We wish we had a ticket to see every 'N SYNC concert!
2. We wish we could meet 'N SYNC (and not stutter, stammer, giggle or faint.)
3. We wish we would "mysteriously" receive a HUGE, GORGEOUS, poster of 'N SYNC, signed by each of the guys.
4. We wish "Ma Bell would reach out and touch" us with a person to person chat with the 'N SYNC guys!!
5. We wish everyone would remember why we celebrate CHRISTmas.
6. We wish there was PEACE on Earth, so our future looked brighter.
7. We wish everyone would be kind and considerate to each other.
8. We wish the Clinton "thing" was not being talked about anymore.
9. We wish Math and English were not manditory subjects!
10. We wish 'N SYNC, and everyone else..."the best of life, love and happiness!!!!
God Bless


Coming Soon...'N SYNCer Quiz

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