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March 25

News from MTV.com on ODB:
Ol' Dirty Bastard has been arrested yet again after police claim they found crack cocaine in the rapper's car.

According to police, the rapper (real name Russell Jones) wasarrested at approximately 2 a.m. on Monday morning in the Bushwick area of Brooklyn, New York City when police noticed that the Range Rover he was driving had no license plates. When police asked him to produce license and registration, police say he could not and proceeded to give them the name Robert Diggs (which happens to be the real name of the Wu-Tang Clan's Rza).
When the rapper finally provided the police with his real name, they found that he had six suspensions on his license as well as one count of failure to pay child support.

Police then say that the searched O.D.B.'s car and found three envelopes of crack. O.D.B., who had recently gone into the studio to work on his upcoming album "Nigga Please," was in police custody at press time, but had not been formally charged.

Other news the album Wu-Chronicles came out Tuesday March 23. Its a Wu greatest hits with two news tracks. "Latunza Hit" by Wu-Syndicates(Whose album comes out next month), and 96 Recreation(demo)" by Cappadonna, Rza, and ODB.


Date City Location

2/27 Charlotte,NC Coliseum
3/2 Washington,DC MCI center
3/3 East Rutherford,NJ Continental Airlines Arena
3/6 Dallas,TX Reunion Arena
3/7 Houston,TX Compaq Center
3/10 Columbus,OH Battelle Hall
3/13 Philadelphia,PA Spectrum
3/14 Pittsburg,PA Civic Arena
3/17 Rochester,NY Blue Cross Arena
3/18 Providence,RI Civic Center
3/19 Hampton,VA Hampton Coliseum
3/21 Hartford,CT Hartford Civic Caenter
3/24 Albany,NY Pepsi Arena
3/25 Buffalo,NY Marine Midland Arena
3/26 Baltimore,MD Arena
3/27 Boston,MA Fleet Center
3/28 Long Island,NY Nassau Coliseum
3/31 St. Louis,MO Kiel Center
4/1 Louisville,KY Louisville Gardens
4/2 Milwaukee,WI Milwaukee Arena
4/3 Memphis,TN Mid-South Coliseum
4/4 Rosemont,IL Rosemont Horizon
4/7 Greenville,SC Bi-Lo Center
4/8 Albany,GA Albany Civic Center
4/9 Jacksonville,FL Jacksonville Coliseum
4/10 Atlanta,GA Lakewood Amphitheatre
4/11 Birmingham,AL Birmingham-Jefferson Coliseum
4/13 El Paso,TX El Paso Convention Center
4/14 Albuquerque,NM Tingley Coliseum
4/15 Phoenix,AZ Blockbuster Desert Sky Pavilion
4/16 San Diego,CA San Diego Sports Arena
4/17 Anaheim,CA Arrowhead Pond

November 24

Make sure you pick up the new Meth and Rza out NOW, both albums are definitly worth 13 bucks for, i plan on reviewing both album soon, probably when the holidays are over.

In the new source it got Meth and Red in the album, its got both articles for them.


Well i've been hearing a lot of dates on Meth's new album. First it was Nov 3, then it got moved back Nov 10, then i heard that it has been moved to Nov 17. I dont know which one to believe, but what i can believe is the video for Judgment day is PHAT! it even got Rza in the video. in the new XXL, it has a page advertisment for Killarmy's new album, the Swarm, Meth's and Rza's new album. Rza's album is coming out NOv 24, if it doesnt get pushed back. i dont remember what show it was but on MTV last night they showed a clip of RZA being interviewed adn he was wearing his Bobby Digital outfit.

Check out MTV's review show of Belly. It shows a lot of clips adn interviews w' Meth, Nas, and DMX. In the movie Meth is an assasin. the movie came out like last week. Also the soundtrack came out last tuesday, it has that Grand Finale song by DMX, Nas, Meth, and a little of Ja. The soundtrack has Mya's Moving on remix F' Rae and Nore. plus a song by the Wu.

October 17

Got some newz on the wu. I just finished watching taht Rock and Jock shit and Meth was on the playa team. it was him, Redman, E. Serman, Kevin Garnett, and Camron. Meth did good, i guess.

in the new source it has an advertisement on RZA's new joint. it was the wu symbol in red with all this digital shit around it. The joint is coming out 2 weeks after Meth's Nov. 24, the same day as Redmans new joint. Also got some news that Meth is gonna be in that movie Belly with DMX and Nas. Them three is also gonna be in the soundtrack doing a song together and on Meth's new joint.

I got some news that deals with the group Dru Hill. For you all taht like them i got to say taht DONT BUY THEIR NEW ALBUM!!! THEY COPIED THE ENTER THE WU 36 CHAMBERS AND COPIED IT TO ENTER THE DRU!(3 days later) Never mind. Meth is on that album so forget what i said and go pick up the album..

Outkast's new album, which features Raekwon, recieved 5 mics in the source..i predicted that shit too bitch. Method Man is on the new Heltah Skeltah album on a song called Gunz N One'z. Well thats it for now.


I recieved the track listings for Meths new album. Its coming out on Nov 10
Die Slow f/ Street Life
Big Dogs f/ Redman
Judgement Day
Grand Finale f/ Nas & DMX
The Killing Fields
Perfect World
Step by Step
Cradle Rock f/ Left Eye
Love is Love
Shaolin What?

Now Im not sure if theres more songs or who in the wu is F in this ablum. you can buy the single at CD Now. I dont know when the video or single will be out though.

I saw the article on RZA in the new Rolling Stone magazine. This is what he said:
On Meth "Meth's higher than ever! He had the potential to be a pop star, but his new album is most underground and gritty work yet. "His lyrical wittines has definately improved. There's a jam called 'Perfect World' that's gonna set a whole new trend in hiphop."

On Ghost "Lyrically, Ghost's new album will strike your ear the way Rakim's first album did. As far as lyric content, Ghost has no competition right now: These are some of the best rhymes I've heard in eight years.... He's gonna put his mask back on and strangle those motherfuckers....His lyrics are intimidating to other MCs; you wouldnt want to say a lyric after he finishes his rhyme."

On INS "Deck's the most underrated rapper from Wu-Tang, but thats all about to change. Deck's album 'Uncontrolled Substances' is the BOMB.... He goes into such detail-like he's got a 35 mm camera filming his whole life."

Himself "The Cure encompasses all the Wu elements, as well as bigger collaborations with Isaac Hayes and Rage against the Machine. Where Bobby Digital is still in the hiphop world, my album is more melodic, more broad."

On U God "U-God's album has a good vibe - it's all PARTY. Wu-Tang is something you listen to, but U-God is making something you can dance to."

On Rae "You know Rae, he's all for the thugs and street....He recruited some new people, like DJ Premier, Pete Rock, American Cream Team, and Harlem Hoodz."

On ODB "The working title for ODB's album is "God Made Dirt and Dirt Dont Hurt."... It's the craziest shit... But you see a conscious side of ODB you havent seen before."

On GZA "He's doin a solo album, as well as a film about underground MCs. He has the same anger in his heart as he had on "Wu-Tang Forever", but he didnt get a chance to do a lot of songs on that album because he's more into chess and smoking weed."

On the WU "The next Wu-Tang group album is coming in the year 2000. We got a lot of the songs. I'm planning to call it 'The Eight Diagram'...And we got a lot to say about the millenium. You aint gonna have to hear any more music after this shit." 1