Hawdaw Talk Rayncher
(The title says: How to talk Ranger :)

AHMINAH- (I'm going to)---"If I find out dat you were da one dat drank da las' beer, AHMINAH kill you, and den AHMINAH hurt you. Dat las' Bud in nere was mine!"

BELLY PAD- (A baseball catcher's chest protector)---"Hey! Go put on yer BELLY PAD an' go catch warmups. Da guy we got in dere pitcheen now is kinda wild. He already hit da ump twice!"

CHEV-A-LAY- (a Chevy!!)---"Dont tell ME! A GMC anna CHEV-A-LAY are da same damn ting!"

DHROONK- (Drunk)---"You make it good wine. I feel lilly bit DHROONK."

EXCAPE- (Escape)---"Da wife wanted me ta help her clean da basement an' defrost da freezer, but I managed ta EXCAPE."

FOR-TAY JEW-LIE- (4th of July)---"Holy Mackeral! Da lighteen made da whole sky look like da FOR-TAY JEW-LIE! We decided ta get inna basement quick!"

Alrighty we're going to stop here...we're going to do words till "Z" but we think u might be bored already......More to come! 1