FuNnY SiGnS!
Seen in window of appliance store:

"Don't kill your wife. Let our washing machines do the dirty work." -Magnus3000


On a coin operated coffee machine:

"No cups - the management."

Below that was hand written:

"No management - the cups"

-Bob Rooker


Side of a manure truck:

"B.S. Trucking"



At one of our local cemeteries theres a big

sign as your going to pass it:




Once saw a sign on the road, don't know what

it was for or what, but it said:


-David Huhn


Sign on back of water carrier truck:

"CAREFUL, you are now passing water!"



This is a bumper sticker on a pickup truck here in Houston:

"It's time to pull over and change the air in your head."

-Mike Bowen


In a woman's garden, she had a sign next to a dying plant that read: "Grow Dammit!"



In this tiny town of Portales, NM we had a new restaurant open up. It's sign read:

"Cold Coffee Burnt Salad Bad Food Daily Specials"

Although it was just to catch people's eyes and

make them laugh, the business did not even last 3 months.

-Wendy F. Rauch


At a raised railroad crossing in Batesville, Indiana:

(official sign put up by the Indiana Department of Transportation)


This is all for now but we are sure more will come!! These are possible thanks to Joke of the Day .com!!