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This page was made in honor of the BACKSTREET BOYS. Here you will find all the information you will ever need on the BSB.

The Backstreet Boys are welcoming the new millennium with their new CD "Millennium". It is one great CD. The BSB said this CD is the most personal one they have made yet. Brain "B-Rok" Littrell wrote the song "The Perfect Fan" which is dedicated to their mothers. This CD is definetly different from other CD's they have made... it's not full of just love type songs. One track is called "Dont Want You Back"... which is a change from the type of songs that they have been known to sing. If you don't have it yet, I suggest you go and buy it!!!!

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Backstreet Bio's


A.J McLean:
A.J. is one talented guy, not only can he sing but he is also a puppeteer,cartoonist, writer, poet, ventriloquist, and a songwriter ( he is also a major flirt, dancer, and shopper). He was born January 9, 1978 in West Palm Beach, Florida. His hair color is brown (though he often dyes it blonde), his eyes are also brown. A.J's full name is Alexander James McLean, but everybody calls him A.J. or Bone. Saxophone and bass guitar are two instruments he can play. Sienfeld is A.J's favorite t.v show, and Silk and Boyz ll Men are his favorite bands. A.J is known for changing his hair color and style very often, one day it will be blonde and the next day it will be brown. A.J. also has many tattoos' if you are lucky enough to see him without his shirt, check out his tattoos'.


Brian Thomas Littrell:
Brian was born on February 20. 1975 in Lexington,Kentucky. Two of Brian's nicknames are B-Rock and Frick. Right now his current residence is in Orlando, Florida. Brian is 5'7, has light brown hair and blue eyes. His worst habit is biting his nails. He has written a few songs, 1 called "The Perfect Fan" which is a song dedicated to the BSB mothers, appears in thier new CD. He has also written a song called "That's What She Said" which appears in their 2nd CD "Backstreet's Back". Right now it is rumored he is engaged, but I do not know if that is a fact.


Howard Dwaine Dorough:
Howie was born in Orlando, Florida on August 22.1973. His nickname is "Howie-D". Howie has brown hair, and brown eyes. His favorite subject in school was math. Howie can also speak spanish because he is half puerto-rican. He sings lead in the song "Spanish Eyes" which is on their new CD.


Kevin Scott Richardson:
Kevin was born on October 3.1971. Kevin is the oldest of the BSB at age 27.His favorite bands are Prince, Babyface, and Teddy Riley. Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman are his favorite actors. Mexican and Asian are his favorite types of food although his favorite foreign place is Sweden.


Nickolas Gene Carter:
Nick was born in Jamestown, NY on January 28. 1980.His current residence is in Tampa Bay, Florida. He is 6'2" . Two of Nicks nicknames are Frack and Nicky. Nick is also the youngest of the BSB at age 19. Most people don't know that Nick wears glasses, they are gold rimmed(and look great on him). While on an interview Nick was the only one of the group that said he wears briefs. Journey, Boyz ll Men, and Michael Jackson are Nicks favorite bands. Forest green is his favorite color. Nick can play the drums.

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