Hello, and WELCOME to my 80's Music Page.
My name is Mari and I'm an 80's child. I love everything from the 80's... the movies, the clothes & Style (big hair & make up),the toys (remember the Rubic's Cube?), but most of all I love the wonderful music of the decade. I'm begining to listen to radio again...but no music can compare to the sounds of the 80's, when most bands were not only great looking with a style of their own, but they could also make great music.
Here are some of my favorite bands.

LINKS TO SOME GREAT 80'S BANDS (Some of them, like Duran Duran never stoped making music and are still around today so I can't call them an 80's band...but you know what I mean...) Check them out!!!

Duran Duran
Flame's Duran2 Page (Site created by me!)
Rick Springfield
Glass Tiger
Roxy Music & Brian Ferry
Thompson Twins
Howard Jones

Do we have anything in common? Feel free to E-mail me if you like. This is my first attempt to a web page so be nice, ok? (: I have plans for this page but it's going to take a while to get everything the way I want it... but remember to come back and visit. Take Care... and Duranies: KOLDD!!! (:


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