Information On New Sutter Cane Shows In The Shows Section as of 7-20-99.

Sutter Cane is looking for a new bassest. If you are intersted please e-mail Ginni or sign the guestbook at we will get back to you.

Welcome to the Sutter Cane home page.

Welcome to the official homepage of sutter cane. Sutter cane is a band from Omaha, NE. They have a unique sound, which mixes the sounds of hard-core, aggro, and a slight hint of death metal. Inside you will get a history of the band along with pic's, show dates, and hopefully soon audio to preview them. Brandon Crane, the guitarist for Sutter Cane, has left and is now in Fornever. Click below to enter the world of sutter cane.

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Last updated feburary 22

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