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Damsel is an amiable ex-high school student who finds herself surrounded by interesting times after the drop-out or in her case walk-out. She enjoys art and books but discovers she hasn't the time for much of it when a swirl of sociological hazards and other strange happenings come her way. Eventually in her travels she must reconcile the present with the past and see if the whole thing makes any sort of sense yet.

To read an excerpt of her first misadventure click here: Self Salvation

I've finally got one picture up of my Unkle Shadow. Go here and see him.

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The following link leads to a novelization I've started of the fourth dubbed German picture of Pippi Longstocking, called "Pippi On The Run" where she joins her best friends Tommy and Annika who run away from home in order to keep from doing their chores. For a little kids flick it does nicely, but you know how this new world of technology usually puts a stick in the ass of anything remotely fun that doesn't have all the new fangled pieces of brilliance. But hey, if it was in a book you wouldn't really have to worry about it, would you? I'm really not sure if Astrid Lindgren wrote or helped to write the screenplay for this movie, but I think the story itself was a very good idea, not to mention the previous film based on the book "Pippi In The South Seas" which had no real similarity to the book itself except sailing on the ocean as a mode of travel. I'm thinking of novelizing that as well and calling it "Pippi and the Pirates". That would be it's rightful name. Trouble is I have no idea whether it would be prudent, if Mrs. Lindgren would object, and all of this is just a conception. I would not really want to do it for "fame&fortune" since Pippi is of Mrs. Lindgren and Viking Press and all that, but for fun. Whether or not the films were shoddy, cheap, or too nineteen-seventies, I firmly believe there were funny lines (which I only know through dubbing) and the stories were entertaining. So if you think I should continue send word and I'll work on this more.
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Guess what? I've finally "finished" and reopened my renovated and revamped Chococat page! Explore this fascinating specimen of chocolate feline delight!
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