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Library Schools
Irvine, KY
Estill County Middle School
Estill Public Library Estill Schools
I've always been a big music fan.
I've been to LOTS of concerts, but I didn't always take my camera. 
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Sweet F.A. Firehouse
My biggest site!  Pix, discography, trading list, band links, info., and more.
This is the US band from the 80's, not the UK Glam group.
Photos from August 1998.
Desert Wind
GooGoo Dolls
Def Leppard
Various performances.
Chad played with them from 1997 to 2007.
Concert photos & a few links. Timberwolf Ampitheater
July 25, 2003
Anthony Wells
& Common Ground
Copper Hill Erica Martin
& Kickstart
Chad's played a few times.
Chad played bass with them for a couple of months.
Chad started this band, but gave it up for a better opportunity.
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