Welcome to my bootlegs page! This page is only aimed at trading for live music! 

Please people be honest when trading! If you don't have trading rules at least respect those who do! thanks!!


I will mostly trade now for Soundgarden, Chris Cornell, Alice in Chains, Mad Season, Nirvana,Tool (APC ok), Kyuss and now System of a Down.
But i'm open and have interest in many bands. I also have a new in interest in collecting VCDs from my favorite bands.

My rules

If you want to trade with me, follow this simple rules:

1)I want to know the sources of the shows I trade! this means mics, recording stuff, ..

2) I want the show to be well burnt! This means DAO, from CD copy.. Please! No 2 seconds gaps nor any gaps between tracks. From Now on, if there is even a slightly hearable change between tracks I might send the shows back.

3)I don't want any mp3 sourced show unless this in unreally rare! If you got this show from mp3 I can download the files myself. More-over
mp3 (at 128kbps rate) is not equal to me to perfect digital or analog sources.. So, again please provide me sources (how
the show has been taped by who) and I'll gladly trade with you.


My List

My wantlist

STuff I want to get rid of

last update: 02/10/02

Good traders:

Bad traders:

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