Gooday mates and fellow musicians. We are currently searching for musicians and songwriters. Beatles musicians wanted to assemble a new tribute band to play music from all Beatles eras and attempt to write "new" soundalike music. Audition packages are currently being accepted. (See note near bottom of this page.)


The band will spend most of its time in the studio playing and studying the individual eras of Beatles music and writing new sound alike music to match the eras. These new song tracks will then be recorded along with the original Beatles songs onto multitrack CDs. To make this as realistic as possible a left handed bassist would of course be preferred, but candidates for the bass position need not necessarilly be a lefty.  What matters most is your musical ability.

We intend for the band to write, produce and record "new" material to match the musical periods of the the Beatles, and attempt to create music that may resemble what the Beatles would be creating today as well.  People who are interested should be able to contribute creatively to the group. We also plan to re-record all of The Beatles songs in multi-tracks form. Examples of these recordings can be checked out at the Multitracks link below.

We are currently located in Freeport, Maine (USA), where applications and auditions will be processed. In order to best serve everyone involved, the final location of the project will be determined after the selection of musicians and technical staff is complete.


Simgers, musicians and songwriters are wanted to play the following parts:

For Paul McCartney-A bass guitarist and singer wanted with songwriting, keyboard playing, and guitar ability.

For John Lennon-A guitarist and singer wanted with song writing capabilities; keyboard and harmonica abilities are also desireable.

For George Harrison-A guitarist and singer wanted with song writing capabilities; additional instruments are also desirable.

For Ringo Starr-A drummer and vocalist wanted who has the ability to reproduce the usual Ringo style. Song writing skills are also desirable.

Please don't be overly concerned about the words "Look Alikes Wanted" in this page title. Make-up and costumes can do wonders if you're not a great look alike match, and we are looking for Beatles all the way from 18 to the 50 year old range. If you have any questions about this endeavor, and would like to find out how to interview and audition using mail and demo tapes, just drop us an email at:


Due to an unexpected level of interest and responses, we are continuing to process auditions for an indefinite time period. The search for musicians has turned us into a library of Beatles sound alike musicians. And, in the Beatles tradition, we will not turn anyone away from auditioning so we also have a list of wanta-be Beatles as well. Since this venture is quickly becoming a resource for locating Beatles sound alikes, we urge everyone to audition so that you will be on file for ongoing talent searches. If you happen to be in need of a musician of this style, we would be glad to provide contacts for you.

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