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Last updated: March 2, 1999.

To all those fans out there...ALWAYS remember:

This website is dedicated to the best group in music - the Backstreet Boys. This page was started on April 18, 1998. It is currently and will always be under construction, so please keep coming back to see what has been updated. Any comments or suggestions that you have for us would be great, so please take the time to sign our guestbook, because we really want know what you think.

Come visit our News and Rumors section to check out the new info we heard about their new CD.

If you have recently been to a concert during the Backstreet Summer Tour, please send us an e-mail telling us what it was like. Full credit will be given to the fan. Thanx.

To anybody out there who doesn't like the Backstreet Boys, please refrain from any negative comments about them. We respect your right to have an opinion so please do the same and respect ours.

To everyone out there who has been e-mailing us, THANKS! Keep those e-mails coming, we appreciate all the help that we get from you guys! :0) Don't forget to join our mailing list for the biggest news and updates!

Our updates - We updated the News and Rumors section. We added a concert review sent in by a visitor to our website. Come take a look at it! We are also in the middle of updating our Fan List, so if you've submitted your name and it's not posted yet, don't worry, it's coming.

  • Backstreet Basics
    Find out more about the Boys we know and love!

  • Lyrics
    The words to songs off both Canadian albums, and a few singles.

  • News & Rumors
    The latest gossip, plus official news. RECENTLY UPDATED!

  • Pic Of The Week
    A new section, with our fave Pic For The Month. Can be either group or individual.

  • Pics of the Boys
    Look at the gorgeous pics we have of our favorite guys.

  • Backstreet's TV Appearances
    A schedule of where they'll be on TV.

  • Articles & Interviews
    Read what various magazines have said about the Backstreet Boys. Don't forget to check out our newest article.

  • E-pals
    Looking for someone to E-mail? Put yourself on our E-pal List, or just E-mail someone you find interesting.

  • Awards
    You may have noticed that the awards that we used to have on this page are no longer there. We've put them on another page with some other ones we've won. Take a look at the awards our site has won!

  • Join the Fan List
    Put yourself on our Fan List...a list of Backstreet fans that have found their way to this site and joined!

  • View Our Fanlist
    Take a look at the list we put together of fans from around the world who have sent in their names.

  • Concert Reviews
    Our own concert review from their Edmonton show has been added. Come take a look!

  • Fun Stuff
    This section includes quizzes and more to amuse you. Check out our newest section!

  • Backstreet Surveys
    Sorry, but as of now, there are no surveys up, so check out the results instead!

  • Survey Results
    Click here for the results from our first two surveys.

  • Bloopers
    Everyone makes mistakes, including the Boys. Click here to see some of the little mess-ups they've done in their videos.

  • The Forum
    Leave a message or respond to a message in our Backstreet Forum. Come in and write something!

  • Backstreet Chatroom
    Come in and chat with other Backstreet fans!

  • Schedule
    Find out where they'll be performing. Maybe they'll be stopping in your town!

  • Links
    Check out some other cool websites on the Net.

  • Webrings
    See the webrings that we belong to.

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