Valentine's Day Messages:
Song Clips:
All I Have To Give- Part II
Brickhouse (A.J.)
Just To Be Close To You
End Of The Road (excerpt from Backstreet Boys Live in Concert
If I Don't Have You
Don't Leave Me
Let's Talk About Sex (Kevin singing part of the Salt-N-Pepa song)
Like A Child
Kevin's Rap in Let's Have A Party
Nick's solo from Everybody (Backstreet's Back)
AJ's Rap from Get Down (from the Backstreet Boys Live in Concert)
Tell Me That I'm Dreaming
Ten Thousand Promises
That's The Way I Like It
That's What She Said
We've Got It Goin' On (the beginning)
Lay Down Beside Me
Miscellaneous Clips:
Brian saying "Censor" from the All Access video
Nick's Drum Solo from the Backstreet Boys Live In Concert
Kevin asking for a towel, from the Backstreet Boys the Video
The Boys learning french

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