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Transcript of Yahoo! Chat with Kevin of the Backstreet Boys
August 18, 1998

ChatYahoo_Lisa: Welcome to Yahoo! Chat...BSB Kevin will be here in a couple of minutes...send in your questions now! Kevin is the fourth BSB to join us at Yahoo! Chat. The BSB are in the middle of their summer tour. KEVIN IS HERE! LET THE CHAT BEGIN!
Yahoo_BackstreetBoy: Kevin: Hi this is Kevin and I'm online coming to you live from Edmonton, Canada. We're gettign ready to do our show for 22, 000 people tonight in an outdoor stadium, and I want to apologize to you guys for being late, but this is the first time we're at an outdoor gig...
ChatYahoo_Lisa: Kevin, would you ever go on a date with a fan? Yahoo_BackstreetBoy: We'd probably go to dinner.
BABYDUCK4eva_98: HI would you ever go on one date with a fan and what would you do?
Yahoo_BackstreetBoy: Sure I'd never say that I wouldn't go out with anyone.. I'd have to meet them and decide if I like them
LeeAnn_Mac: How do you escape from all of the chaos?
Yahoo_BackstreetBoy: Just on the days off we usually go out.. we just played some golf today. It wasn't a day off but we did get out this morning.. we usually just go to the gym, to the movies.. whatever.
mrbelloc: Do you believe in love at first sight???
Yahoo_BackstreetBoy: No. I think that love is something that has to grow. It's not something that's not just automatically there.. you can be infatuated with someone at first site or be in total awe of someone in meeting them.. in their looks , but love takes awhile to grow
BsB_95409: Who's the best at golf?
Yahoo_BackstreetBoy: We're all pretty good at being bad right now :) WE're not too bad, we just have some bad slices and stuff just trying to keep it in the fairway and not lose too many balls. Lot of fun though.
ILvNick12: Kevin, Do you like the Spice Girls?
Yahoo_BackstreetBoy: Yeah, they've always been cool when we've met them. They seem really cool. Some of their music was pretty catching. I'm not into their music that much, but some of their music is really catchy.
Caprice_UK: If you were reincarnated what would you come back as?
Yahoo_BackstreetBoy: Wow... Hmmm...I think I'd like to come back as an eagle or hawk..something that can fly...a nice bird...a red tailed hawk or american eagle, something like that.. if you're gonna be a bird, you have to be the king of all birds. I love flying.
DivaMc_98: If one of the BSB's left, would you do like the Spice Girls and carry on or just quit?
Yahoo_BackstreetBoy: I'd have to cross that bridge when I got to it. I couldn't answer that right now. I don't think that's a reality or a possibility
allie_kytri: How does it feel to be a star?
Yahoo_BackstreetBoy: I dont feel any different. it's not what I thought it would be, growing up you know? It's a lot of work, definitely a lot of fun. People give you a lot of things -- clothes so you'll be seen in their clothes.. food products sometimes you dont have to stand in line at clubs. That's a good thing sometimes. You can also use your celebrity to do good stuff, like we're going to do stuff with the American Cancer society, so we'll be doing stuff with that.. Just affecting peoples lives and making people happy.
Yahoo_BackstreetBoy: Yeah. One of the first ones I saw were the bootlegged ones where they're cussing really bad, but it made me laugh so hard. I think the one where Santa Claus and Jesus were fighting. I couldn't believe the language out of those guys. I thought it was sacreligious or something -- those guys are gonna be struck by lightning or something. I kinda feel bad for Kenny.
Bobby13245: Are you going to turn hard core??
Yahoo_BackstreetBoy: Hard core what? Hard core pop.. Hard core R&B... you mean are we gonna talk about stuff like drugs & sex and whatever. I realy can't see that being part of our repertoire.
butterfly_840: What's the weirdest thing that ever hit you or was thrown on the stage during a concert?
Yahoo_BackstreetBoy: Wow. Let's see..there's the normal stuff like underwear and bras and stuff like that. One time Nick looked out in the audience and saw someone holding up a picture of his house that she had blown up.. and that was weird seeing that. They throw up boxes of Mac and Cheese to Brian cuz that's his favorite food.
alexisnessyo: What do you think about President Clinton and his actions?
Yahoo_BackstreetBoy: Wow.. You know I think that if we as a nation look at our President to be a moral leader and obviously he's messed up, but if we're just looking for him to lead us and do foreign relations and a lot of stuff, then he's doing an okay job.. I don't look into politics all that much, but if you look back into history, Henry the 8th had all his wives killed because he didn't want a divorce. Marie Antionette was beheaded.. all that stuff's been going on for years and years. . in royalty and government. I don't get too personal with it, but the president is just there to be there.. he doesn't have any power, there are other powers that be that run the nation.
SnoopDoggyDog_CM: Why did you throw Nick out of the dressing room in his green undies?
Yahoo_BackstreetBoy: As a joke. Cuz he was being obnoxious so I threw him out in the hallway in his underwear.
No1Spaz: Do you you ever wanna just give up and sleep late for once??
Yahoo_BackstreetBoy: Pssh.. I love to sleep! If nobody woke me up, I'd just be in a coma. I'm a real heavy sleeper I guess, cuz I'm used to being out here and sleeping anywhere. All of us are pretty much like that, sitting down on a plane is like naptime for us... laydown, listen to music chill out, just rest. I'm just used to being around loudness -- sound checks, fans, hotels.. so that once I get to sleep it's kinda hard to get me up. When Me and Brian shared an apartment, he would have to come in the room and turn the alarm off and that's when I woke up, when the alarm went off -- "Huh, what happened to the alarm?"
vervation98: What's your favorite group other then yourselves?
Yahoo_BackstreetBoy: Let's see... I gotta a pretty wide range of music that I listen to. I like Depeche Mode, used to like Guns N Roses -- the need to come out with another album--the Eagles, Boyz2Men. I like Maxwell. I like Refugee All Stars, Fugees, WyClef, all those guys, Busta Rhymes. Let's see...Mariah, Erykah Badu. I used to love Van Halen back in the day, but now I'm not really into them. That's pretty much a wide range of music, I'm into all kinds of stuff.
RANSOMTL: What is your favorite song? Yahoo_BackstreetBoy: Right now I'd say that new song Alliyah has out. It's on the Doctor Doolittle soundtrack, the video's hot!
bsbnuts: Is there a message that BSB would like to get across to people through their music?
Yahoo_BackstreetBoy: Not really. We're not trying to make a statement with our music. We're just trying to make good music that makes people want to sing along, forget their problems for a minute.. moves them, makes them want to dance. With our ballads...I like ballads, I think ballads are good, I'm kind of a romantic, so I like ballads and with ballads we're just tyring to put people in a romantic mood.
stephanieT85: I heard you modeled for Versace, is that true?
Yahoo_BackstreetBoy: Yeah. The 5 of us were invited to fashion week in Milan by Donatella Versace, because when we were in Monte Carlo for the fashion awards, she hooked us up with outfits for the awards and we sent her a thank you for we went to Milan and at the first show we watched and then at dinner that night, some of her business associates asked me if I'd model in the next show. And I said sure...
ChatYahoo_Lisa: Did you like what you wore?
Yahoo_BackstreetBoy: I like the shirt I had on, but the pants were a little too tight for my taste. It was cool. I got to hang out iwth Naomi, Whitney and Donatella. Some of our people were laughing, Puffy's rappin about wearing Versace and we're at his house! We had dinner at Gianni's. I might be doing some stuff for them in the future.
womantan: Who do you think is the hottest woman in history?
Yahoo_BackstreetBoy: Hottest woman in history... wow... I like to watch old movies sometimes and when I look back, I don't think she was the hottest woman in history, but she's one of the most wonderful actresses in history -- Katharine Hepburn. I think Nicole Kidman is really sexy. I think Liv Tyler is a really naturally beautiful girl and just from interviews and things she seems like a beautiful person in the inside as well. Even as she plays her characters as well. She seems like she has a really good heart and is a pleasant person as well.
SuPeRfLiRtMaNdI: What are u wearing now, boxers or breifs?
Yahoo_BackstreetBoy: Boxers.
NoName46: Is is true that u guys r going to be doing a movie? If so, what is it going to be about? :)
Yahoo_BackstreetBoy: Not's not true that we're doing a movie. We're not doing a movie. We've had several offers, but we're just focusing on our music right now. And we're not breaking up either.. it's been going all around the world that we're breaking up... Rumors, rumors, rumors.
ChatYahoo_Lisa: What is your favorite rumor you've heard about yourself? Yahoo_BackstreetBoy: One of my favorite was the one that said I had a 2 million dollar movie deal, I'm still waiting for the paper work on that thing. It was almost kind of disappointing when it didn't happen ;-) Let's see.. I was told we died in a plane crash... There's been so many... Brian was gonna die.. Brian's my cousin and he was in heart surgery and we were all on the edge, even though technology is incredible now, we were very scared... so stuff like that.
nixgrrl: Kevin....what is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
Yahoo_BackstreetBoy: Ben & Jerry's Peanut Butter Burst, I think.. I love Peanut Butter
Heidi711: If you were abducted by aliens, and they held a gun to your head that would erase all of your memories but one, which would you keep?
Yahoo_BackstreetBoy: Wow.. that's a good question! That's hard. Since my father is no longer here, I would not want any memories of him erased at all. I'd want to keep all my memories of him.
Yahoo_BackstreetBoy: Actually, I finally got to see that, cause people told me it had been on. I thought it turned out pretty good...I think it's a great idea in general. The time that we were on there, i thought it was really cool. I thought it was funny that the girl's sister was like "why do you like these guys? I can sing better than they can", but she met us, she was all shy and stuff...and I didn't know she dissed us until I saw the show and we sang a cappella for her and blew her away. I think it's a cool idea.. and the girl who was on for us, inspired us a lot. We heard about Alex who went to see us up in Concord and missed us. We all say hello and we're sorry that you missed most of the show, but glad you got to see the end...and we may be in touch so that you can see us again.
ENZOFERRAZ: Where was your first kiss?
Yahoo_BackstreetBoy: My first kiss... I started kissing at a young age.. I was like 4 years old, I had a next door neighbor, a girl we used to hang out a little bit, and she and her friend used to hang kisses on me. My first real kiss was in fifth grade, when we were at the roller rink, and they played a slow song, and we went into the back corner and kissed.
CatPhat2death: What's the most memorable or sweetest thing a fan's ever done for you?
Yahoo_BackstreetBoy: There have been lots of incredible stuff... There was a fan that had a silver ring made for me and it was like 4 yrs ago when we first started touring in Europe and it had the musical notes to one of our songs around it like the staff, and the music went to "never break your heart." I've worn it and kept it ever since. There have been letters and poems written about my father. They've made us cookies and brownies to make us fat on the tour bus. We do keep a pet mouse in a cage on the bus, and if he doesn't die after eating it, we'll eat it ;-)
tigger603121: Why did you name yourselves "Backstreet Boys?"
Yahoo_BackstreetBoy: Well, it was kind of a collaboration between us and our manager. There's a place in Orlando called the BackStreet market and we wanted something that flowed good... you've got the Beastie Boys, the Oakridge Boys and the Pet Shop Boys and Boys doesn't just mean Boys, but is slang for friends. And the place in Orlando was a parking lot where people would hang out with their friends and chill.
do_me_like_you_do_kentucky: What's the stupidest argument you have been in with the guys?
Yahoo_BackstreetBoy: Which one? There's so many. Just could be over what we're gonna wear on a TV show or something.. it could be over a bunk on the bus. It could be over anything.. It's like a family or best friends or brothers. We are like a bunch of brothers.. We've been together for over 6 years.
CKS1215: Why are you guys so hot? Are you born with it or is it Maybeline?
Yahoo_BackstreetBoy: That's a nice compliment. I guess we have our mothers and fathers to thank, good genes. It's in the genes! We try to take care of ourselves.. eat right, exercise.. try to anyway. Some of us do.. AJ is a Mr. McDonald's man.. trying to keep him away from that stuff.
BuckCuties: Do you feel that your fame has affected you? If so how?
Yahoo_BackstreetBoy: I think that it's definitely affected the amount of free time I dont have anymore. It's made me kinda when people talk to me or when people are introduced to me I wonder what their motive is. I'm just kind of cautious. It's made me cautious of whatever I do because they put stars and celebrities under a microscope and analyze everything they do. If you make a mistake, everyone knows. So you want to be cautious. I don't think I've changed that much. I feel like the same old me, I dont feel any different. It's made me, the fact that we're successful now, has made me that much more of a perfectionist...people are looking at us now, so it's always got to be perfect. I'm not paranoid or anything! Just kidding.. :) It's made me realize that more than anything you really can accomplish things if you go out and go for it. If there's anything I can tell anybody out there --- It can happen to you. You can make a living doing something that you love, as long as you work hard and you're decent at it, get good at it...You have to work hard to get good at it, if you have a talent.
DisNickFan: What is your idea of a dream date?
Yahoo_BackstreetBoy: Hmm.. Dream Date... Good dinner, good conversation...probably an italian dinner, some wine -- red wine and then after that maybe a movie or dancing or I don't know, something like that. Pretty simple, pretty basic.
dawnluvsbrian: Out of all of you who do you think will get married first?
Yahoo_BackstreetBoy: Wow... That's hard. I don't know. Let's see, I think Brian or me.
ChatYahoo_Lisa: Why?
Yahoo_BackstreetBoy: Cause I'm an old man. I can't believe I'm 26, don't know how I got here.
Yahoo_BackstreetBoy: Yeah...Let's see, I got choked up on Hope Floats. Got a little choked up on that one. I got a little tore up on Saving Private Ryan. Definitely got choked up on Philadelphia. I get choked up easily. I get it from my grandfather. I don't bawl like a baby, but when I'm talking it will be like "Blah blah blllaaaa".. my voice will quiver a little. I got choked up at the World Music Awards because we were dedicating the award to Brian who was getting operated on that day.
aetkkl: What is your favorite place to perform?
Yahoo_BackstreetBoy: In the shower probably. That's where I started out performing.
ChatYahoo_Lisa: I thought it was your hairbrush.
Yahoo_BackstreetBoy: That's another thing that has been totally blown out of proportion.. you mention it once and it's the "hairbrush in front of the mirror". But the shower's got good acoustics :)
Janicekaosnc: If you could sing a duet with anyone living or dead, who would it be with and why??
Yahoo_BackstreetBoy: Wow...Some of the people I really look up to in the industry are Elton John and Prince and Billy Joel because Elton and Billy are phenomenal piano players, I've played keyboards since I was 9 yrs old and Prince can play just about anything. But my voice style would be more like Elton John or Billy Joel.
pepsiblue1234: If you had a day to be invisible, what would you do?
Yahoo_BackstreetBoy: I'd go out in the audience and watch our show. I wish I could watch our show from the audience -- and have me on stage too -- that's something I'd like to do. I'd also like to go hang out at the Whitehouse for a day...just to see what really goes on.
the2jays: If you could talk to Chelsea Clinton, what would you say?
Yahoo_BackstreetBoy: If I could talk to Chelsea Clinton what would I say? .. Well... wow...I imagine they've got some issues going on right now, so I'd probably just say, Listen and give Bill a chance.
Yahoo_BackstreetBoy: Thank you everybody for all your interesting questions and I'm sorry if I couldn't get to all of them, but maybe we can do it again sometime.
ChatYahoo_Lisa: Thanks for joining us Kevin....sorry we were late everyone.....hope you will chat with us again! Chat is over...thanks for joining us everyone!

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