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Jewel  This is my web site dedicated to the very gorgous (both her voice and her looks) and talented Jewel Kilcher. She is an inspiration to those whom listen to her music and read her poems. Many people do great things because of her music and poetry. There is the Every Day Angel (a fan club started to worship Jewel) foundation whom gets together to give their time unselfishly to help others. They support the HGH (Higher Ground for Humanity) foundation, founded by Jewel Kilcher and Nedra Carroll to give humanitarian values to those they touch deeply. The mission of HGH is to promote human excellence by pioneering what it means to be a human being in the highest sense, inspiring new possibilities for humanity.  

  HGH pursues this mission through:

  • education
  • innovative partnering
  • research
  • program development

  In the areas of:

  • youth
  • alternative health care
  • the arts
  • spiritual development
  • global community building

  For more information on HGH go to Jewel's Official Web Site.

  Jewel is a musician, poet, and soon to be known as an actress. She will be starring in a movie called Ride with the Devil by Ang Lee. She will play the lead female role. Expected to be out in theaters in September of 1999.

Latest News:

Monday August 30, 1999
The Lyrics has been updated. The rest of the Spirit album lyrics are done!!!

Monday August 2, 1999
Jewel Kilcher:Super Babe! has recieved a complete make over. Also the Real Audio and Real Video sections are almost done!!!



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