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Latest News!!! 
Thanx to a certain person having far too much time on their hands, the messageboard and guestbook have been hacked and deleted. It's a shame that some people have nothing better to do with their time. Anyway, the boards are now back up and running so if you signed them in the past, please do so again and say hello! The messageboard can be used for announcing any gigs, band news, album info etc. Basically, if you have something you think we should know about it, that's where to post it :o)

For various reasons, too numerous and boring to mention, Vagabond Hearts is becoming a webzine.  A new look site is in the pipeline and will be launched very soon. For the time being, this old site will stay live with various additions appearing weekly.  Check the INTERVIEWS, ALBUM REVIEWS and LIVE REVIEWS sections for the most recent updates. There you'll find a review of the brand new Limited Edition compilation CD from Darrell Bath along with live reviews of Taime Downe's Newlydeads and Backyard Babies plus exclusive photos not to mention a chaotic conversation with Ginger & Alex Kane of Clam Abuse. More interviews from past issues (and some never before published interviews & articles) along with exclusive photographs of classic glam, goth n' punk bands from both the past and present will be added to this site soon. Occasional printed issues of Vagabond Hearts may re-surface in the future -  never say never is my motto.  I have definite plans for a very extra special tribute issue that will be printed next year but there'll be more on that later. 

Issue #5is now with the printers and all outstanding orders will be despatched very soon. I know it's been a long time comin'- I won't dwell on the reasons ... last year was too pathetically disappointing and soul destroying to even begin to explain ... thankfully though, some good gigs and music helped to preserve my sanity! I'd just like to say a huge thanx to everyone who's stood by me through the difficult times and all who have been patiently awaiting their copy of this issue ... yer all diamonds!! I think you'll like this latest issue - although album reviews have been sacrificed this time around, they've been replaced by 3 more probing interviews!

Malcolm Dome and Metal Hammer magazine we love you!!  Click here to find out what one of the UK's premier rock publications said about Vagabond Hearts!


Do yourself a favour and check out these bands who deserve to be *HUGE* in 2003 and would take over the world if I had my way :o) ... G*Bug ... Katscan ... Newlydeads .... Bubble .... Diamond Dogs ... Drugdealer Cheerleader ...

Welcome fellow sleazy soul to the official Vagabond Hearts website. Vagabond Hearts fanzine is dedicated to promoting glam, sleaze, goth, punk and rock bands. Based in the UK, distribution currently reaches worldwide with copies being sold in Austrailia, Japan, USA, Canada, Sweden, Finland, Italy and Germany as well as the British Isles.

Dogs D'Amour fans, this is the 'zine for you! With the cream of the crop of bands that are currently taking the scene by storm and the UK's finest Balladmonger, Tyla, featuring in every issue, Vagabond Hearts really is a bit of what you fancy.

Up to now, after many long hours burning the midnight oil, sweating at times what felt like blood and tears, five issues have been lovingly created by yours truly, Editor, writer and general dogsbody. A virtual flyer of all the bands included in every issue can be found on this site.

For information of how to get hold of a copy of Vagabond Hearts, email me for details. Again if you know of a cool band that would like to decorate several pages of a future issue, just let me know! Simple innit? So what are you waiting for??

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Disclaimer: Check back regularly for further updates. Meanwhile, don't forget to check out the webrings that my site belongs to!   

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All words and photographs on this site were written and taken by Karen and may not be used elsewhere without prior permission.  More will be added soon! 

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