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Simple stuff really, without the artists making money - there would be no music. Every opportunity will be taken to fully promote the trks posted. This isnt just another mp3 pirate site. We care about music & we own the hard copies where or when available. This is still a non-profit site. Mp3 is simply a vehicle for our community. We are the ones promoting the trks on radio & clubplay worldwide. Trks showcased here reaches a targeted audience of over 1 million dance-oriented listeners monthly via online distribution/broadcasts, radioplay or at the clubs worldwide. All tracks submitted by artists/DJs are original works/mixes to the best of my knowledge. Some tracks might have full or partial sampling of other works. Reviews of all tracks submitted are the personal opinions of the staff of & are not responsible for the content of the mixes, remixes and/or megamixes. believes in the Canadian Charter of Rights & the First Amendment to the US Constitution, therefore will not censor any broadcast/mp3s. maintains no responsibility and shall not be liable for the content of any broadcast/mp3s. Those who downloads mp3 listed or served herein assume all risk of being offended or suffering any other form of damage.


If u dont like what u see, cheers


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