The Bio

The band Mount, a NYC based alternative rock band, came together officially in 1997 with its original members, Anthony Wartel, Jesus Perez and Star, later to be joined by Jeff Phillips and Sarah Gans in 1998. Mount has played in NYC at Brownies, Meow Mix, Luna Lounge, etc... Mount has been influenced by such artists as P.J. Harvey, Patti Smith, Sonic Youth, Joy Division, Radiohead, The Notwist, Tool, and Nick Cave. Mount's lead female vocals swim above heavy guitars, the always eccentric keyboard and the ever-changing bass and drums. The melancholic lyrics, full of disappointment, awareness and young idealism, are in direct contrast to the usually aggressive, pulsating, electrified and angry music. Mount has been termed to sound 'evil' at times, even though its message is eternally hopeful and supports positive change.

The Crew

Ant - a.k.a Anthony Wartel - DRUMS

Before joining up with Star and Jesus to start Mount, Anthony played drums with David Emmets, Match Party and Gufbal. He's played in NYC at such places as: The Spiral, Kenny's Castaway, Atlantis, etc... Ant looks forward to girls in belly shirts at all Mount shows.

Jesus - a.k.a. Lord - BASS

Jesus is originally from Havana Cuba and has lived in NYC for eighteen years. He has played bass for Peace Machine and The Second Coming. His musical career has its roots in punk and industrial rock. He hates pictures and wants a masseuse on tour.

Ffej - a.k.a Jeff Philips - GUITAR/VOCALS

Ffej and Ant began performing together with David Emmets and went on to start both Match Party and Gufbal together. Ffej runs DOME Studios, a hardcore rehearsal space in New Jersey and plays bass for Splooge. Ffej has an affinity for guitar gadgets and has taken electronic sound to a new level. He is fond of Finland and is a musical whore.

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